26 January 2021 (updated)

Is Coffee Good for You? The Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee drinkers worldwide, rejoice! Coffee isn't just a good source of your morning caffeine-- studies have increasingly shown many coffee health benefits when you drink it in moderation.

Is Coffee Good for Your Health?

When it comes to popular drinking beverages, we hear a lot about herbal tea's benefits, but drinking coffee can also benefit your health and wellness. Here are a few of our favorite benefits of coffee consumption. 

  • Coffee Improves Energy Levels and Boosts Mood. The glutamic acid found in coffee is an essential neurotransmitter for healthy brain function.
  • Coffee May Protect Against Type 2 Diabetes. This claim might seem too good to be true at face value, but according to the Mayo Clinic, some studies indicate drinking either decaffeinated or regular coffee might prevent you from developing type 2 diabetes. If you already have it, they recommend limiting your coffee intake to about 2 8-ounce cups a day since caffeine can either raise or lower blood pressure, depending on the person.
  • Coffee Might Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease in Women. While researchers hypothesized that drinking too much coffee could raise the risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine has since disproved that correlation. Light coffee consumption might even be good for your heart.
  • Coffee May Reduce Liver Cancer. According to a recent study, drinking coffee might protect against liver cancer.
  • Caffeine Consumption Can Improve Memory and Reaction Time. It might even reduce the risk of Alzheimer's.
  • Coffee Is Full of Antioxidants. In addition to antioxidants, it contains manganesepotassiummagnesium, and vitamins B2, B3, and B5.

Can Coffee Be Harmful to Health?

cup or two a day may have some health benefits, but drinking too much can be bad for your health. According to a University of Oklahoma study, caffeine can cause or increase anxiety in those prone to disorders. It can also impact sleep patterns and may lead to restlessness and fatigue.
When it comes to cardiovascular health, a compound in coffee called cafestol may adversely impact cholesterol levels. While you can avoid cafestol by avoiding coffee grounds, it’s good to consider if you struggle with cholesterol issues.
It's also important to remember that caffeine is psychoactive so that you can develop an addiction. Most people who wean themselves from coffee are usually successful, though they might have headaches for a few days. 

Do Coffee Drinks Have Health Benefits?

While coffee beans can contain antioxidants and other nutrients, not all drinks are created equal. Extra sugars and additives can take away from some of coffee's health benefits. For example, a sweetened coffee drink loaded with extra sugar and whipped cream will not do anything towards preventing type 2 diabetes or liver disease. 

Photo Credit: Rebbl

But that doesn't mean there aren't lots of great coffee drinks on the market with plenty of health benefits. We're big fans of Rebbl coffee drinks, which combine some super herbs with coffee to maximize the benefits. They taste delicious but without extra sugars. Even better? The company's committed to ethical product sourcing, so you can really feel good about drinking these. 

If you'd prefer to make your own healthy coffee beverage, here's one of our favorite coffee smoothies. It's a perfect pick-me-up or meal for people on the go.

Antioxidant Blueberry Coffee Smoothie

Quick and Easy Breakfast of Champions

4.8 from 10 votes


2 mins


a few seconds


2 mins






2 people


200.0 kcal


  • 1/2


    REBBL Reishi Cold-Brew

    can sub 1 Tbsp ground coffee beans of choice. If you use coffee beans, use 1 cup milk.

  • 1/2


    almond milk

    can sub any milk of choice

  • 1


    frozen-- if not frozen, add ice cubes.

  • 1



  • 1



  • 1



  • 1/2




    1. Blend.

      Combine all of the ingredients in blender. Set aside a few blueberries for garnish.

    2. Serve.

      Pour, garnish with blueberries, and enjoy!



200.0 kcal


33.0 g


8.0 g


4.0 g


3.0 g

Serving Amount:


Health Benefits of Coffee

Whether you make it yourself, or buy it from your favorite cafe, it's great to know that the health benefits of your favorite beverage go beyond an extra caffeine boost. What are your favorite coffees?

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