The 7 Best Family Beaches in the United States

Finding the ideal vacation spot for your family doesn’t have to mean a faraway adventure. Instead, head to one of the best United States’ family beaches to make the most of your summer while staying on your budget!

Summer vacation is something that everyone looks forwards to, no matter where the ideal holiday spot is. Luckily, if you’re bound for family beaches, you don’t really have to travel beyond the United States! Whether you’re looking for an amusement park adventure or a coastal town to relax at, there are plenty of options. The only hard part will be trying to narrow down the list.

What Are the Best Family Beaches for Water Sports?

When it comes to water sports, there are plenty of destinations around the country to spark your interest. Whether it’s surfing, waterskiing, or simply swimming, these locales offer up plenty of adventure.

1. Manele Bay, Hawaii

Hawaii might be one of the best destinations in the United States for a unique holiday and stunning mountain scenery. But, luckily for your loved ones, it also has one of the best family beaches found in the world. If you’re looking for plenty of recreation, Hulopoe Bay offers kayaking, swimming and snorkeling for the avid divers. As a result, it’s the perfect place to teach your little ones about the fun of water sports!

2. Coronado, California

Among the best quiet family beaches in California, Coronado in San Diego is a truly unique destination. You may even want to share this great place on a family app. Whether you want to tour the local attraction of Hotel Del Coronado or watch surfers, there’s plenty to do here. From boogie boards and body surfing to swimming, you’ll have fun walking the beautiful drifts or watching the sunset.

What Are Some Family Beaches With Amusement Parks?

There are times when everyone can get a little tired of the beach. Fortunately, these beach-centric destinations offer up rides that will give you a breather from the summer heat! You may even want to share them on FamilyApp.

3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Most people have heard of the famous Myrtle Beach along South Carolina’s 60-mile stretch of coastline. But, they may not know this is one of the best family beaches in South Carolina! While the town is great for hotels, restaurants, and entertainment, the white sandy stretch is equally appealing. Whether you want to surf, sit on the beach or sail, there’s an option for every summertime person. Once you’re done, head to the roller coaster or the waterslides for added fun.

4. Ocean City, Maryland

Often known as the “East Coast’s Number One Family Resort”, this Ocean City offers a lot. In addition to swimming, surfing, and surf fishing, there’s more to it than the sea. You can head out on a boat excursion to catch marlin, tuna, or wahoo. This area will even serve as a playground for your kids with amusement parks featuring go-karts and mini-golf. It’s a great find for sharing on a family app with other parents! And, there’s also plenty of restaurants and nightlife to amuse everyone after dark.

What Are the Best Family Beaches to Vacation?

Sometimes all you want from a beach is to chill out and catch some of the sun’s rays. Fortunately, the following destinations will offer both scenic beauty and an urban escape.

6. Clearwater Beach, Florida

This is one of the best beach destinations in the US, and many families flock to this beautiful beach. Miami Beach might be better known, but you’ll love this subdued destination. Located along a 3-mile stretch of the Pinellas Peninsula, the aptly named beach is lovely enough that you’ll enjoy simply sunbathing. Luckily, there’s also the option for beach volleyball, boating adventures, and even a dolphin excursion!

7. Sandy Neck Beach, Massachusetts

Among the 40 miles of coast preserved in 1961, this is one of the best family beaches East Coast America offers. This stretch is located 65 miles from Boston and has plenty to make it an ideal destination. While your kids might enjoy driving right onto the beach, there’s more to stimulate them. In addition to wetlands and forests, you can trundle through cranberry bogs for a hiking adventure. The nearby Red Jacket Beach Resort even has a kids club, so you may want to check it out on a family app.

It might seem like excitement is always somewhere else. But there are plenty of beach destinations close by that will please any little traveler. Do you have some favorite family beaches in the United States? Let us know if our comments. Whether you want to wade in the water or ride the midway, there’s plenty of summer adventure in store!

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