The 10 Best Free Texting Apps

secure texting apps for free

Texting apps are an easy, free way to stay in touch with the ones you love! Whether you’re looking for group chats or end-to-end encryption, there’s an option out there.

With all the things going on in the world, it’s never been more important to tell your loved ones you care. Luckily, instead of in-person visits, there are plenty of apps that make staying in contact easy! Whether you want to chat with your best friend or your whole family, try a texting apps download. Be sure to share your own go-to messaging options on your favorite family app!

What Are the Best Texting Apps?

The following texting apps keep you in the know and keep your information secure, and they’ll do it for free!

1. FamilyApp

If you’re looking for an app you can really trust, FamilyApp offers the best in data security and privacy. You can use this messaging app to text with family and friends, and stay in the loop about life! With end-to-end encryption, security is at the heart of this app’s functionality.


For those who seek straightforward texting apps, QHSMS is a great option. While there are no features that really rise above the pack, it does have a few that have added benefit. You can also blacklist phone numbers with this one and there’s the bonus of no advertising!

3. Signal Private Messenger

If you’ve used apps like Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger, Signal’s pretty similar. But this messaging app offers one important feature that they don’t have: end-to-end encryption. That means that you can use it for free without privacyconcerns! It also supports group chat for the user who’s inclined.

4. Textra

When it comes to the most popular SMS texting apps around, few can beat Textra. It has plenty of features that make it among the most popular text messaging apps! You can easily customize your theme and use other features like delayed send and floating notifications. While the pro version is $2.99, most features are free!

What Are the Best Free Texting Apps for iPhone?

For the person who relies on their iPhone for everything, there are a few texting apps that really do the trick. Share your own favorite on FamilyApp!

5. WhatsApp

Even if they don’t use it, most people have heard of this texting app. It can be used with iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows and offers decent security alongside great features. You can chat using WhatsApp, and even send photos, videos, and voice messages. However, this free texting app has many security flaws.

6. Viber

This messaging app is immensely popular in India, the United States, Russia, and Brazil. If you’re looking to use text, media messaging, or even video calls, Viber is ideal. It can even be used by people who don’t use texting apps! In addition to a lot of freebies, you can also take part in Viber communities and chat with other members.

7. Telegram

If you have the need for speed, Telegram is one of the best texting apps around. You can send text messages, photos, and videos through a highly secure messaging system. Depending on your chat needs, you can even choose between highly secure messaging and less secure but still reliable options.  

8. Wickr Me

This app offers a messaging service for individuals or groups of up to 10 people. Because it values security, Wickr Me has end-to-end encryption and all messages expire within six days of delivery. Since you don’t have to provide personal information to get the app, it’s easy to get set up.

What Are the Best Texting Apps for Android?

Android also has some great messaging apps that offer customizable features and reliable security. Share the best texting apps Android offers on your favorite family app!

9. Mood Messenger

When it comes to popular messaging apps for Android, Mood Messenger is a right up there. It provides all the basics like texting, emojis, and MMS, but you can also block spam and utilize SMS encryption. While the premium version is pricey, there are plenty of features for free.

10. Chomp SMS

This Android app has been around for a while, and there’s a reason it’s still around. In addition to a variety of customizable features, you can also utilize SMS blocking and group messaging. For the Android user who’s looking for tested texting apps, Chomp SMS is it.

Keeping in touch with friends and family has never been more important! Luckily, there are options that go beyond phone calls and Facetime. Many text messaging apps can provide just what you need to stay in touch with family, colleagues, and friends.

Have you tried secure texting apps like FamilyApp? Tell uns in the comments! With plenty of great features and some freebies, you might keep using our app even after the world gets back to normal.

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