Elders make selfies with smartphone

Smartphones help us to stay in contact with our family and friends. But they’re not just for young people. There are also special smartphones for seniors.

Smartphones – our daily companions

grandparents enjoying lifeToday, smartphones are our daily companions. They help us to stay in contact with people, organize our daily life, and to stay up to date. Nowadays, also our children grow up with cell phones so they learn the right way to use them.

But what seems to be easy for the one, is very difficult for the other. Many elderly people are often not able to use smartphones and do not own one. One reason for this fact is not, that they aren’t interested in using this type of phones. Moreover, they had never the chance to learn how to use it. Another reason is, that many applications use really small buttons which are very difficult to use for elderly people. They might be difficult for those with younger eyes, too!

Special smartphones for seniors

But the digital world is not just for young people! There are lots of ways people of all ages can benefit from artificial intelligence and new technology. Many seniors have enjoyed using special smartphones just for people like them.

These phones have larger buttons and are much easier to handle in comparison to other cell phones like an iPhone. They also avoid many complicated applications and focus just on usability. Because of their simplicity and ease-of-use, I’ve also known several younger people to opt for this type of phone instead of a traditional model. So what’s a good choice?

1. Jitterbug Smart

The Jitterbug Smart is one of many smartphones for seniors. It has a 5,5“ screen that makes it easier to read all kinds of messages. Due to voice typing feature, writing a text is quite simple. You can speak into your phone and can watch how your words transform into text.

The menu is also quite simple. It’s based on one list that contains all the important and necessary applications e.g. phone, text messages and the camera. Another great feature: the battery of this cell phone is very long-lasting, so you don’t have to always remember to charge it. Jitterbug also makes a flip phone option with larger buttons if that’s more your style.

2. Moto-E

The Moto-E is a great choice for those who like the look and feel of the apple devices, but don’t need some of the extra functionality.

3. ASUS ZenFone

If battery life is a priority, try the ASUS ZenFone, with a high-capacity 5000mAh battery. Or, if you prefer a traditional device, this can be a great option, too!

4. Simple Mobile Samsung Galaxy J3 Orbit

This smartphone for seniors has a 5″ HD touchscreen display and offers a lot of functionality while being easy to handle.

Advantages of smartphones for seniors

Smartphones aren’t just a great way to stay in touch with friends and relatives. Having one nearby could save your life! As we get older, we are more likely to have serious household accidents. Accidents happen- but we need help quickly! The injured people are often unable able to call an ambulance or any other kind of help because the phone is too far away.  But if your smartphone is in your pocket, crisis averted!

With the 5Star Urgent Response App, you can get help in any unsafe or uncertain situation. This app works as a medical alert system, a personal safety app, as an ICE app and an overall as an emergency help button.

smartphones for seniorsGrandpa, take a selfie!

Selfies are ubiquitous among the youth and many of them take thousands of images of themselves. They use selfies to communicate by sending this to their friends or other family members- possibly on FamilyApp. By using a special smartphone for seniors you can easily participate in this way of communication for example by using a messaging app. This helps you not only to stay in contact with your grandkids but also to stay mentally fit.

So the next time your grandkids ask for a selfie, you can use your phone and show them how it’s done!

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