The 10 Best Rideshare Apps

What are the 10 best rideshare apps?

You don’t need to own a car, go by metro, or hail a taxi to get to work anymore! Rideshare apps can be the perfect way to commute, whether you want to go low key or luxury.

Many big cities around the country have dozens of transportation options to utilize. Public transport used to be an important alternative to car ownership to get to work, but it’s not always the quickest or most convenient way. Also, going by taxi is simply too expensive for many people. For those looking for fast but reasonable transport, rideshare apps offer an alternative.

What Are the Best Rideshare Apps?

In recent years, the sharing economy has become a popular way to minimize waste and save money. Ridesharing is a great option for everyone who wants to step back from owning a car due to these reasons but doesn’t want to go without comfort. Whether you’re looking for something that’s scheduled or spontaneous, these rideshare apps can help.

1. Sidecar

This rideshare app is perfect for the budget-minded ridesharer who wants to know the cost upfront. Sidecar lets the rider know the cost while also letting them pick based on the car model, distance, and driver details. This app also lets riders have favorites so drivers you like will appear at the top of your list!

2. Uber

Most rideshare users out there have heard of Uber. As one of the most prominent and best rideshare apps, Uber matches riders with drivers who are nearby. Whether you want a basic taxi or a luxury vehicle, Uber offers options for every kind of passenger.

3. Lyft

This rideshare app requires every driver to pass a Department of Motor Vehicles check as well as a background check. For those who are safety conscious, this can be a benefit! While Lyft functions when the user requests a ride, many cities operate by donation so better drivers will make more money.

4. Hitch

When it comes to ‘hitching a ride’, Hitch takes it to a whole new level with its rideshare app. Users can map their starting point and destination so they can tag along with other passengers. For those who use ridesharing to save money, Hitch is cost-effective. Share it on FamilyApp with other users!

5. Via

Via may not take you exactly where you’re going, but this rideshare apps download will drop you off at a nearby location. Fortunately, because you’ll be riding with others, the fare is more economical in places like New York or Washington!

6. Rideout

This app works for riders who need a quick ride or something that’s scheduled. Like Uber, the Rideout app allows the user to choose from a variety of vehicles including taxis, limos, and SUVs.

7. Flywheel

For the type of rideshare passenger who wants an automated car service experience, Flywheel is your go-to app. Instead of the old taxi meters, it handles all payments so you won’t have to worry about it. However, this app’s service is only available in a few larger centers like San Francisco, Portland, and San Diego.

8. Arro

This convenient rideshare app utilizes licensed taxis in the area so that riders can take advantage of seamless transportation. Fortunately, you don’t even have to worry about surge pricing as your cost will be based on the meter price. Be sure to share the way you get to work on FamilyApp!

9. Zimride

It may not be the most centralized of all rideshare services, but Zimride lets the rider choose. Drivers actually have the option of finding passengers based on their musical preferences and interests for an interactive ride experience. Once a ride is requested through the app, the driver has 24 hours to accept the request before it times out.

10. RideScout

For those who are looking for community-conscious ridesharing benefits, RideScout brings a holistic approach to catching a ride. Instead of just automobiles, this app provides an option for bikes, cars, and public transit. If you’re looking for an economic way to get around, RideScout might be for you.

Ridesharing can be an ideal way to get there for a lot less money. Whether you’re looking for a taxi, a car, or even a bike, it’s out there and on-demand. There’s no reason your ride to work can’t save you money and help the local economy!

Do you rely on Lyft or Uber for ridesharing or do you use another rideshare app we don’t have heard of yet? Tell us about it in our comments!

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