How safe are Voice Assistants?

Voice assistants like Microsoft’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are set to become more common in the coming years. Before you get comfortable adopting this tech, be aware of your options!

You may have heard of virtual assistants before, but voice assistants are quite different. In fact, if you’ve used Siri to text or have made Amazon’s Alexa play music, you may already be familiar! And this type of functionality is set to take the stage in a major way in the coming year. If you’re interested in the voice assistants market and are wondering what works best, let us lead the way!

What Are Voice Assistants?

For any business, having an assistant can be an important part of fielding customer calls and managing certain tasks. But with the rise of AI and virtual reality technology, the capacities of an assistant are changing! While voice assistant benefits differ from virtual assistants, the emphasis is on communication.

They can streamline certain elements of business by using voice recognition and speech patterns to provide services. Often, all you need to make them work is your smartphone nearby and addressing them by their name, like Alexa or Siri. Share your own insights on your favorite family app!

voice assistant phoneHow Do Voice Assistants Work?

It might seem like there are limits to the work of this type of assistant, but they can do a lot. Using your smart speakers or your smartphone, voice assistants in business can help you with a wide variety of things. If you’re searching the Internet for information, they will be able to figure out the answer for you. They can also help to put reminders in your calendar or set timers and alarms. If you have smart appliances, your assistant can easily adjust the lights, temperature or alarms in your house. Share your favorite use of voice assistants on FamilyApp!

How Are Voice Assistants Changing Our Lives?

There are a number of voice assistants lists out there, but the following ones have the most prominent market profile:

  • Cortana – This voice assistant was created by Microsoft and is named after a character in their Halo series video games. Cortana can recognize natural voices, set reminders and answer a variety of questions using information from web browsers. If you have experience with Cortana, share it on your favorite family app!
  • Google Assistant – This assistant is provided along with the Google Home smart speaker and can simplify certain daily tasks. While you can use your voice to manage Google Assistant, you can also type questions or commands using a keyboard.  
  • Alexa – When it comes to voice assistants ranked, Alexa is one of the most familiar names in the market. In addition to playing music and providing the news and weather, Alexa can interact in a wide variety of languages!

How Safe Are Voice Assistants?

Like anything to do with the Internet, people have a number of security issues with this technology. There’s no doubt that hacked voice assistants can create problems for a home or business. If you are using a voice assistant, be careful not to link it to your locks or security systems. Someone may be able to disable them with their voice alone. It’s also important to have a PIN associated with purchases as someone may be able to buy things using this technology. While there are private data access concerns, companies should continue to adopt improved security measures in the years to come.

Recent changes in technology are making things possible that have never been before. Whether you want to change your music or operate your smart appliances, a voice assistant can help. Do you have any tips for those using voice assistants? Share your ideas with others in our comments! Whether Alexa, Cortana or Siri, there are many ways this AI technology may make your life a little easier!

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