26 February 2021 (updated)

Get Over the "Blursday" Blahs with Family Theme Nights

Do you feel like the days are starting to meld together since your kids have been at home? It may be time to add more pep in your step and get away from the COVID-19 blues. Throwing family theme nights with party themes throughout the week can make every day feel like a holiday celebration!

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Family Theme Nights Put a Spark in the Week

Theme night makes a mundane dinner into a fun event. It's also an excuse to dress up and join the party! This can liven up any day of the week. Furthermore, it only takes just one idea to turn a Monday into a fun day! Party themes make an excellent starting point when you want to lineup festive ideas for every day of the week.

Monday can be Luau night where every guest has a strict rule to show up in their favorite Hawaiian print t-shirts. While you're serving a roasted pork and pineapple dish, throw in fun Polynesian mocktails as a pre-game mood booster. It's only fun if everyone is game for dressing up for the occasion!

A Twist on Tuesday Taco Nights

Live every day like it's Taco Tuesday!

Crank out your favorite Mexican themed tunes like "La Bamba" to spruce up taco night in with the family. You can also change up the taco theme altogether and order tamales instead! A night in doesn't have to be bland. Try exploring different cultures through music, food, and dress as a great way to expose your kids to a global adventure!

A key to Taco Night is keeping it on the same night every week and sprucing it up with different surprises. You can even require a dress code like sombrero hats at the table. You can order these online at sites like Oriental Trading Company.

Another favorite treat? These alcohol-free margaritas for the whole family!

Mai Taco Tuesday Family-Friendly Margarita With a Twist

This yummy alcohol-free margarita is a crowd pleaser for all ages!

5 from 1 votes


5 mins


a few seconds


5 mins






4 people


218.0 kcal


  • 1


    fresh orange juice

  • 1/3


    fresh lime juice

  • 1



  • 1/8


    club soda

  • 3



  • 1

    lime cut in half

  • salt as needed


  • Mai Taco Tuesday Family-Friendly Margarita with a Twist

    1. Collect.

      Collect all the ingredients.

    2. Ad.d

      Add the fresh orange juice, lime juice, club soda and sugar into a blender.

    3. Blend.

      Add ice and blend until slushy on the crushed ice setting. Pour into a favorite serving pitcher.

    4. Garnish.

      Add salt to a flat dish. Rub a cut lime around the rim of each glass. Place the rim of each glass into the salt and swirl it to cover the rim.

    5. Pour.

      Stand the glass up again and pour in the margaritas. Serve immediately and enjoy!



218.0 kcal


57.0 g

Serving Amount:


Serving Unit:



55.0 g

Creating the Perfect Party Theme Idea

If you're having a difficult time thinking of an event theme on a random Wednesday night, look through the most joyous times of your life for inspiration. Plan your next event according to the people and places that you love. For example, if your favorite memories are from New Orleans, why not throw a Mardi Gras dinner night with beads for everyone to wear and a King cake for dessert.

In addition, other theme party ideas include a black-tie sit-down dinner to get your family dressed up on a whim. You can create a fancy restaurant theme idea for the kids and provide tickets for their entry. Once they sit down, one parent can act as the server while the other, is the Executive Chef. However, if you're not a dress-up type of family, you can dress down. The next time you order Greek cuisine, why not have everyone wear a toga for mealtime.

Celebrate with Old-School Classics

family theme nights

If you love the idea of theme night, but can't stomach the idea of wearing an actual costume, don't despair. There are other options. Sometimes, you don't have to try too hard to find the perfect theme night for our family. In fact, we can reach in the past for inspiration. Pull out your favorite childhood games and make Thursday family get-togethers game night hour. Try playing classics like Charades, Monopoly, Clue, Jenga, and Twister that will likely inspire live action. Additionally, you can always throw in classic card games like Black Jack or Crazy Eights.

As long as your family spirit is there, game night is an easy weekly theme that your kids can look forward to engaging with you. Have them put down their social media addiction and say yes to connecting with you.

Consistency Creates Fans of Family Theme Nights

The key to getting your family excited about theme nights is consistency. Weekday theme nights can serve as a grounding family activity that provides predictability during times of uncertainty. For example, you could schedule Taco Tuesday, Bake Cookies Wednesday, Friday Game Night, Saturday Movie Night, and Sunday Sushi night each week. Kids thrive on routine. The more you can make it predictable and yet fun creates a winning combination.

Getting over the "Blursday" blahs takes a little bit of effort and creativity. Like any activity worth doing, planning ahead is the key to success. Think of a fun theme that your entire family will enjoy and have them help plan a consistent stream of fun that will bring you closer together.

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