summer activities for kids in the city

There are plenty of great ways for your kids to harness the fun of summer. Whatever their interest or age, these summer activities for kids to do in the city will excite the whole family! Check our tips to stay active!

Kids of all ages enjoy summertime, and there are plenty of fun summer activities for kids that don’t cost much at all! Whether they want to explore new trails or spend time reading, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the season.

sidewalk chalkWhat are some good summer activities for kids?

The hot months of summer are the best time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Luckily, you can stack up the fun and make a day of these activities. You may even want to share them with other parents on a family app!

  • Go for a Bike Ride– Whether or not you take the known trail, bike riding is one of the best free and fun summer activities for kids. Before heading out, ensure you have a map, sunscreen, water and a few dollars for a warm weather treat! You may even want to bring along a homemade picnic.
  • Make Sidewalk Chalk Art!– It goes without saying that going outside to play with neighborhood pals is an important part of summer. Luckily, sidewalk chalk can be a unique way to have fun! With no limits on chalk colors and the imagination, you can all come up with a fantastic mural together.
  • Visit the Park – Whether you want to go frolicking through fields or head to the playground, the park’s a great destination all year! But, if it happens to be summer, a water park or pool can be an even better destination. This is one of the best summer activities for preschoolers who want to get outside!

father son libraryWhat are your best cheap or free summer activities for kids?

Whether it’s fun outings to the museum or a family vacation, summer expenses can add up. Fortunately, the following things are pretty budget-friendly and might even be free!

  • Go to the Library– For the avid reader, summer can be an ideal time to catch up on reading. The library also provides plenty of cool air in the warm months. Whether your kids prefer literature or history, they can peruse the shelves for a new favorite book.
  • Backyard Camping– It can be hard to get everyone together for a camping trip. But whether you head to a local park or your backyard, you can indulge right outside! This is among the summer activities for kids at home that will surely inspire. You may even want to share your backyard ideas on FamilyApp!
  • Cool Down at a Fountain – A dip in the pool can be great, but sometimes public pools can be very crowded. So you end up more stressed than calm! Instead, why not dip your feet in a fountain to keep cool.

Summer activities for older kids

Summer is a great time for older kids, too! Here are a couple of our favorite things.

  • Visit the Fair – Whether you have a local farmer’s market, amusement park, or fair, there’s a good chance something is going on in your community. Whether its food, goods or fun gifts, your teenagers will love checking out the nearest market. You can even share your farmer’s market finds on a family app!
  • Make Ice Cream – The summer months might not seem like the ideal time to get in the kitchen. However, they can be the perfect time to make some treats to keep you cool! Whatever your favorite flavor, you can make ice cream at home with a few ingredients and a little patience!

No matter the age, there are plenty of summer activities for kids to keep them amused through the warmer months! Whether they want to visit the park or spend time reading, there are many great indoor and outdoor activities. Do you have some favorite summer activities for kids? Share them with us in our comments! There are plenty of ways to keep the summer cheap or free while still maximizing the fun.

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