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With Halloween just around the corner, you’ve probably spent the last several weeks thinking of show-stopping baby Halloween costumes for your little one. If that’s you, then great work. 

But if you’re just now realizing it’s October like the rest of us, and haven’t thought about Halloween costumes since last Halloween, then keep reading. All hope is not lost. Procrastinators and dilly-dalliers, we’ve got you covered. Check out these awesome DIY baby Halloween costume ideas for your infant (or toddler) that will leave the crowd begging for more.


I mean… come on. This is adorable. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past three years, then you’re already familiar with this legendary Stranger Things hero. Hopper is arguably the best character on the show, so it only makes sense that your little guy should be the best-looking baby on the block. You’ll need some jeans, a brown belt, a tacky pink and teal button-down, and some brown non-toxic markers (for the mustache, of course). If there are any alien-like creatures lurking around the neighborhood this Halloween, baby Hopper will find them. Happy hunting!

baby Stranger Things Hopper

photo by @loveandlion

Sushi Shrimp Roll

A white onesie, green construction paper, some assorted sheets of felt, and some glue– the perfect recipe for the freshest baby shrimp roll in town. Who doesn’t like sushi? And more importantly, who doesn’t want to see your adorable infant dressed up as a roll of sushi for Halloween? Throw in some chopsticks and soy sauce packets and no one will know the difference between your baby and the real thing. And, for an added bonus, you can hand out a few fortune cookies at the door. But maybe some candy, too.

baby shrimp sushi roll

photo by @marina_elisa


The parents and grandparents will love it, the kids won’t get it, and your baby will have no idea what’s going on. But then again, do they ever? Here’s baby Popeye. He’s fierce, he’s loyal, and he always eats his spinach. Here’s what you need: jeans, a black polo, a strip of red fabric (for the collar), a white sailor’s hat (you can make one of these fairly easily with a few sheets of white fabric), and an old coke can covered up with an “I Love Spinach” decal– you can get creative with this one. For the final touch, draw some anchor tattoos on the forearms using some non-toxic markers. Look out, baby Bluto!

Popeye baby Halloween costumes

photo by @gsunnn

Thing One & Thing Two (for Twins/Siblings)

A true classic. It’s almost like Dr. Seuss planned on inspiring us to use his ideas for our baby costumes, right? Don’t worry Dr. Seuss, we’re on the same page. If you’ve been blessed with twins (or two kids relatively close in age), these Thing One & Thing Two Halloween costumes are a guaranteed win. Or, if you’ve got some close family friends who still need a baby costume idea for their own infant or toddler, this is a great opportunity for a Halloween collaboration. You’ll need two red onesies, two furry blue wigs (or hats), and two big circles of white construction paper or felt for the names. Now it’s up to you to decide who gets to dress up as Thing One…


Striped pajamas, a home-made strongman belt (felt and spray-paint), and a Styrofoam/PVC-pipe barbell… throw in some red velcro shoes and a marker-mustache and your little one is ready for the competition! There’s nothing more ironic than the world’s strongest baby, so if you’ve got the materials for this Halloween costume then you’re in for some serious giggles and appreciation. Just don’t let them wander out of sight… or you might be breaking up a fight with baby Popeye.


Who doesn’t love a little extra butter? This might be our tastiest and easiest costume yet. Just provide an adorable baby and the yellow bodysuit will do the rest. You can be the popcorn, the crab, or just about anything else (what doesn’t go good with butter?) and you’ll be the witty costume combo that everyone is talking about. I’d even suggest handing out sticks of butter to match the vibe, but that would be a horrible idea. Don’t hand out butter. Stick with candy.

baby Halloween costumes butter stick

photo by @loveandlion

Napoleon Dynamite

“TINA… Eat. the. FOOD!!!” If you bump into any trick-or-treaters who don’t get this reference, definitely don’t take their candy. Don’t do anything with them at all. You either hate or love the movie (there’s no in-between) but baby Napoleon Dynamite is always a safe bet. It might take you a while to find some baby aviator frames, but everything else is pretty simple. You’ll need a blonde wig or cap, grey pants, baby high tops (but any shoe works), and a white shirt that you can paint on. If you’ve got the resources, a stuffed llama is a great addition. Just make sure it gets its dinner.


Why? Because… pineapples. They’re tangy, they’re trendy, and the only thing that could make them better would be turning one into a costume for your baby to wear this Halloween. The supplies are easy: you’ll need a yellow onesie, a yellow cap, one brown marker and some sheets of green felt for the crown. Mess around with it however you want… just remember to have fun! There are endless costume combinations with this one, too. Mom, dad, you can get creative. Turn this year’s Halloween into a tropical paradise!

La Croix Can

The name speaks for itself. La Croix has been dividing the masses for years now, but if you know anything about anything, you’re team La Croix. So, what’s better than a cold can of La Croix? How about your infant or toddler wearing it as a costume? I think yes. A few nay-sayers may speak their lies, but don’t pay them any mind. You’re confident, and so is your kid (hopefully). You’ll need a sheet of cardboard that you can bend into a cylinder, some colored poster board, tin foil, markers, and some glue or tape. You can get creative with this one, too when choosing the flavor, but whatever you do, don’t choose coconut.

The Streaker

Shield your eyes! There’s a streaking baby on the loose! Honestly, this costume is genius. There’s nothing more normal than a naked baby, so why not make it ironic? Just tape some cardboard squares covered in multi-colored construction paper pixels onto your baby’s diaper, and the only other thing you need are some shoes (you can throw on a for good measure if you’ve got one). It’s hard enough to get your little ones into those pesky costumes anyways, right? The answer is simple… let them be.

Streaking Baby Costume

photo by @shalynnelson

More DIY Baby Halloween Costumes:

  • Baby Toad
  • Nacho Libre
  • Raggedy Anne
  • A burrito
  • Charlie Brown
  • Boo (Monsters Inc.)
  • Oompa Lompa
  • Garden Gnome
  • Dobby the Elf
  • Waldo
  • Baby Groot
  • Baby Jack-Jack from the Incredibles
  • Spiderman, Wonder Woman, or your favorite superhero
  • Mickey or Minnie Mouse
  • Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia, or any character from Star Wars

Regardless of what you decide, just remember to have fun with your baby Halloween costumes. Times like these are special: you get to dress your kid in costumes that they probably won’t remember. The more ridiculous the baby costume, the better the story, and the bigger the laughs. There won’t always be opportunities to get your babies into onesies decorated like shrimp rolls. Get moving and go big! And if these ideas just aren’t cutting it, look around the internet for more of the best DIY baby Halloween costumes out there– there are endless possibilities.

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