Throwing Kids Backyard Parties All Summer Long

summer parties for kids

Hello Summer! School is ending but community pools and camps may not be business-as-usual this season. Here are some options for making your backyard parties where the fun never stops.

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Backyard Parties for Your Kids

COVID-19 has kept us home for school and it looks like we’ll be here a lot more this summer. As you look around your all-too-familiar walls, consider some great ideas for pumping up the fun in your outdoor life, at home.

Summer Decor for Backyard Party

String Lights add atmosphere to any patio or yard. Lights also help to frame a space. If you want to set up folding chairs and create a gathering spot for day or night, use string lights to mark off the area.  Remember, you want to draw your family out of your house and make them feel as if they’re going somewhere, in their own backyard.

You can also use lanterns and balloons and beach-themed decor to transform outdoor spaces.

backyard parties

Movie Nights for a Backyard  Party

A Picnic Party or Barbecue followed by Ice Cream and an outdoor movie night is a DIY way to create and repeat memories. Don’t forget the citronella and glow-in-the-dark necklaces around the fire pit!

Adults-only backyard movie nights are an entertaining option, once the kids are in bed. Especially in mid-summer when the sunset doesn’t allow for clear movie viewing until around 9 pm. And especially this summer when most of our get-togethers will be outside.

Bring Back the Slip ‘n Slide for Your Backyard Parties

If you’re looking for summer party ideas for those long, hot afternoons, there might be a few items worth the investment.

Remember the Slip ‘n Slide? If you didn’t have one, your neighbor did. And you wanted it. This water mat has grown up in a generation. Now they have a range of options, at a range of prices. The good news? You still only need a lawn and a hose. But order soon, they might be going like toilet paper this summer.

Classic Kiddie Pools for Backyard Parties

Kiddie pools are available in a range of materials and options. Some even have slides. Consider the age of your kids, their strength, and how much plastic you want to purchase.

This inflatable pool promises fun for the whole family, at just $34! Maybe just for one-time use…or for a very light-weight family…

Theme Backyard Party for Kids

  • Easy Summer Party Ideas are everywhere! Remember, kids are fine with simple – they often prefer it. Don’t look farther than the grocery store for party ideas. 
  • Ice Cream Party? Buy your own cones, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, and the big bucket of Neopolitan. Done.
  • Throw a Watermelon Party! Grease it down first and Watermelon Wrestle, then slice and enjoy.
  • Every afternoon is a Popsicle Party over here. Be sure to collect those sticks for kid-friendly art projects, or to count how many popsicles you’ve eaten in a single summer. Popsicles are also a great finale to Water Balloon Party...which has gotten much more worth it for adults with a Water Balloon Filler, and exciting for big kids with a Water Balloon Launcher.
Photo by Georgia Maciel

Endless Potential for Backyard Party Ideas

Food, drink, a few games and a way to cool off are enough to create backyard magic this summer. Whether eating a burger off the grill or laying on a blanket stargazing, summer celebrates being outdoors – and that hasn’t been canceled.

Think about all the time you’ve spent indoors over the past few months. What memorable activities can you move outside and take to the next level of fun?  Don’t hesitate about buying a pinata even if its nobody’s birthday or planning a Luau based solely around the Moana soundtrack.

Summer parties take only a tiny bit of creativity because the laid-back season does the rest. Host a  backyard bash for your kids. With some minimal planning, you’ll feel delighted at how entertaining your same old outdoor space can be.

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