Fall Activities – 10 Ideas for Outdoor Activities With Kids

Autumn is the time of year to enjoy the outdoors without the heat of summer. While it will be different in 2021, there are still many fall activities for families to appreciate the season!

Fall is a time for crisp air, pumpkin spice, and warm sweaters. However, it’s going to be a little bit different this year with the coronavirus pandemic's new Delta variant. But there are still plenty of things you can do outside to enjoy some quality family time. From hearing the freshly fallen leaves crunch beneath your feet on a favorite hiking trail to warming up with some hot apple cider, there's plenty to explore outside. Share your tips for outdoor fall activities on your favorite family app!

What Are Some Fun Fall Activities?

Autumn is nearly upon us, and it’s a great time to get outside and have fun. With these traditional fall activities, you can keep a social distance and still enjoy the season!

1. Enjoy Classic Fall Activities Like Apple Picking


Apple picking is one of the best fall activities for kids, as you can keep your distance from others and enjoy the time spent among your family members. Even better: you can snack as you go and sample different apples. Whether you decide to eat them right off the tree or make apple pie, apple picking makes for a memorable event!

2. Head to the Corn Maze for Fall Activities for Every Family Member


This is one of the best fall activities for toddlers since it lets them have a relatively safe adventure. While you may need to bring your mask along and keep a social distance depending on the Delta variant, you can still enjoy this autumn pastime. Whether you work as a team or go your own way, see how long it takes to get through the corn maze!

3. Carve Pumpkins


It might not be Halloween quite yet, but nothing says autumn like a pumpkin! Head to the pumpkin patch (or a local grocery store) and pick out the perfect pumpkin. You can enjoy it for a few weeks before carving a fun design before Halloween.  This is one of the best fun fall activities for kids who can’t quite wait for trick or treating.

4. Make a Wreath

Wreath-making is another one of the fall activities that makes it easy for everyone to get creative outside. Go out to pick some fall foliage and get inspired by these seasonal crafts. You’ll all have a new house ornament when the work is done! This also makes a great gift for family or friends you haven't seen in person for a long time to let them know you're thinking of them.

Outdoor Fall Activities to Enjoy Nature

Nature is especially vibrant in the fall, as trees erupt into brilliant hues of gold, orange, and red. So enjoy the magic and wonderment of the season by participating in these family activities in fall!

5. Hit the Trails and Explore Your County

If you live in or around an area with amazing fall foliage, a day hike is one of the best things to do. It’s easy to invite others and take advantage of the natural wonders just outside your door. Pick a new destination so you can all see something new together!

6. Go for a Drive

This type of adventure might not involve the extended family, but it’s a good addition to your fall activities list. It’s the perfect way to see the changing fall colors and get acquainted with the side roads in your area. Share your favorite fall tours on FamilyApp with other parents!

7. Do Some Gardening to Stay Active in Fall

Spring and summer might be the optimal times to take care of your garden. However, fall is a great time to get prepared for what it will look like come spring. Get your kid out into the dirt and have them help you plant bulbs for the coming year!

8. Rake the Leaves for a Surprisingly Fun Fall Activity


It might not sound like the most fun, but you've got to rake leaves to keep the yard clean. Fortunately, it can also offer plenty of fun since your kids will love jumping in the piles. It’s just important that they help clean up after!

Fall Activities for Social Distancing

We feel your desire for meeting up with friends, neighbors, or family, so we came up with two ideas for fall activities you can do while keeping social distancing in mind and following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19!

9. Modify Fall Activities and Throw a Tailgate Party on Your Street

Few things say fall like football season, but you don’t need a sporting event for some fall activities! Instead of celebrating the game, plan the event alongside your neighbors. Every family can set up their own barbecue or picnic with tailgate food in their driveway. So you can party together while enjoying the conversation!

10. Organize a Picnic


Fall is still warm enough that you can enjoy the great outdoors. Take the time to pack up some food and head to your local park or beach. You can even grab takeout instead to support a local restaurant! When it comes to fall activities during COVID-19, an outside picnic makes it easy to catch up with distant family while following social distancing rules.

The good thing about fall is that it’s still easy to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors together. Whether you visit the pumpkin patch or throw a block party, you can hang out and socially distance with neighbors and friends! Do you have any favorite fall activities we missed? Share them with us on social #getfamilyapp! With autumn fast approaching, there’s plenty to do before winter sets in.

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