Above Ground Pools: Summer Solution

Above ground pools could be the answer to a summer of staying home – and staying cool. Read on to find out how a pool may be just what you need to make this an unforgettable summer!

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Above Ground Pools: Summer Solution

My friend put in a backyard swimming pool this spring. She made the plans in January and the inground pool and landscaping were complete by the first of June.

But in January, many of us were still assuming our community pools and water parks were still options. COVID-19 disrupted everything including swim plans. By the time most of us accepted this, it was too late to put in a pool, or too expensive.

Enter the Above Ground Swimming Pool Option, and its cheaper, more accessible cousin, the inflatable pool. Install one of these and add swimming to your backyard parties. 

Benefits of Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground pools are permanent. These swimming pools remain in your backyard in and out of season, similar to the inground option.

Above ground pools are also significantly less expensive than inground pools. These swimming pools can be purchased at a fraction of the cost and installed in one afternoon.

What Are the Best Above Ground Pool Shapes?

The major choices between above ground pools are inflatable or metal frame options and oval, round pool, or rectangular pool shapes.

Many above ground pools have a steel frame covered in resin which combats rust and corrosion and stays cool to the touch on the hottest summer days. The Maldives pool for example has durable steel top rails and steel walls coated in zinc and aluminum to resist corrosion promises to not chip or rust and comes with a 15-year limited warranty.

Costs of Above Ground Pools

When considering an above ground pool, be aware of the costs both in money and time. While still a fraction of the cost of an inground pool, these pools are not cheap and require extensive installation and maintenance.

Above ground swimming pools cost between $1000 and $4000, with an increase of at least $1000 if you need to pay someone for installation.

You also must take into consideration your landscaping. Does your yard have any large obstacles? Is it flat enough for the pool? Be sure to check local guidelines which often require pools of all sizes to be 5 feet from property lines and 12-15 feet from the main residence.

Chemical and Water Treatments

In addition, these pools require just as much chlorine as their in-ground counterparts. You’ll need a pool kit to test and treat chemicals weekly for the right water balance. Most aboveground pools include a pump and filter, but you will need to buy other tools for cleaning, such as a skimmer.

Keep in mind that using a garden hose to fill the pool takes time. About three hours of time. So yes, while you have not waited months for a crew to build you a swimming pool, above ground swimming most likely will not occur the same day as purchase.

Inflatable Above Ground Pools

If you are not ready to commit to a permanent above-ground pool, consider trying an inflatable pool. Think beyond the Kiddie Pool and choose an Inflatable Pools, such as the Bestway Deep Easy Set Inflatable Pool.

Inflatable pools require few tools and time installing and while they will most likely last only one or two summers, the ease and price tag could be calling your name. Available in multiple shapes and sizes, inflatable pools give you the refreshment of an above ground pool, without the investment.

For under $100 you can purchase a puncture-resistant pool that works with any filter pump that filters 330 gallons an hour. You can also assemble it while your kids stand there waiting in their bathing suits.

New Possibilities in Your Backyard

Many of us had never shopped for above ground pools. Our neighborhoods provided pools – and ones we didn’t have to clean. But 2020 continues to be a year of change. Be creative as you think about what works for your family’s schedule and well-being. And don’t forget Water Safety Practices that are crucial for being responsible at any pool.

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