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Autumn is the most fun season for crafting with natural materials. Children of all ages love to make small figures, memorabilia or decorations. Find out the best ideas for autumn crafts, here!

Here are our favorite ideas for handicrafts from natural materials for kids:

  1. Acorn figures and animals
  2. Chestnut garland
  3. Door wrath from natural materials
  4. Window pictures from autumn leaves
  5. Scrapbooking

You want to learn more about activities with natural materials for kids? Read on!

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Crafting with Natural Autumn Materials

Autumn weather can be unpredictable! Pleasantly sunny days often alternate with wet and cold rainy ones. But don’t worry! Whatever the weather, autumn offers many opportunities to keep children busy. It’s a great time to collect natural materials, and then to use them later for original handicrafts.

In late summer and the early autumn days, take advantage of the last warm rays of sunshine. Have your children collect natural materials during a walk in the woods or an excursion to the park. Chestnuts, acorns, beechnuts, pinecones – how magically they attract the little ones. But colorful autumn leaves are also a popular collector’s item. Maple, oak, and chestnut turn into particularly attractive color combinations.

natural materials for kidsEasy Crafts With Natural Materials For Kids

Upon arriving home with full bags of finds from nature, parents often ask themselves: What are we going to do with all the treasures we have collected? So now it’s time to get to work making artistic masterpieces with your child!

Chestnut figures or acorn figures are fantastic crafts for preschoolers especially. With the help of mom or dad, the little ones drill holes in a chestnut representing the trunk. Short pieces of toothpicks or matches, which represent arms and legs, are inserted into the chestnut. Two smaller chestnuts or acorns can be the feet. The third fruit of a tree forms the head. Particularly chic is an acorn with cap, which represents the hat. A beechnut can take over this job likewise.

Animals can also be crafted in such a way. Horses or giraffes are particularly popular because you can use a toothpick or match to create the long neck. Eyes to stick on give the chestnut figures a funny look. Toddlers and preschool kids can also create a picture with glue and collected and pressed leaves.

chestnut garland natural materialsCrafting With Natural Materials For Kids Of All Ages

Older children can drill the holes themselves. With a small drill, this work is easy and fun for them. If they have a lot of skill, they can also drill through the chestnuts completely. Then you can thread the nuts on a string and result in a beautiful chestnut garland. With a hot glue gun, your daughter or son can also glue different fruits of trees together to create a door wreath. Older children can also create unusual decorations with leaves. Laminated autumn leaves, for example, are particularly suitable for window pictures. This decoration made of handicrafts with natural materials gives your home a very personal touch.

natural materials fall craftHandicrafts With Natural Materials For Teenagers

Teenagers have loved to keep their memories in diaries for generations. Many teenagers love to keep their memories in a scrapbook. They can capture memorabilia of a family outing to the national park with laminated autumn leaves, flyers, tickets, and photos. Laminating helps to preserve the leaves, which keeps the scrapbook beautiful.

Do you like to use a rubber stamp for scrapbooking? Why not give your collected autumn leaves a try? You paint the leaves with watercolors. Then briefly put the leaves on an old newspaper to remove excess color. Afterward, press them firmly onto your scrapbook page. The delicate veins of the leaf leave a cool impression. This way you can also preserve memorabilia from your autumn event.

Paper Crafts With Autumn Natural Materials

You can use this technique to all other types of paper, especially card making. A designed leaf motif also looks very pretty on invitations to a children’s birthday party in autumn. Another idea is to put the autumn leaf under your sheet of paper and then rub it with a colored pencil or crayon. Even young children can enjoy seeing an imprint appear, which, by the way, is especially beautiful on colored paper. Then you can use a pencil to trace the outline of the leaf. Handicrafts with natural materials and paper is a simple yet fun activity for everyone.

Did you already have craft ideas with natural materials for kids this autumn? Or are you still looking for more inspiration? Then simply and safely exchange ideas with your family members on FamilyApp.

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