Enjoy Family Fun With Six Spring Break Staycation Ideas

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An annual tradition, spring break allows children to unwind and relax away from the classroom. But if the budget is tight or you need to stay local, it’s time to get creative. These six spring break staycation theme days will entertain, occupy and even educate (shh, don’t tell the kids!) your entire family.

Plan an Adventure

If your family craves adventure, check out these resources. Adventure is where you find it, even if it’s right in your hometown. 

Did you know you can virtually ride the roller coasters from amusement parks like Six Flags, Cedar Point, Universal Studios, and Busch Gardens? Simply visit The Coaster Views or The Sharp Productions on YouTube and experience a thrilling adventure from the comfort of your living room.

If logic and strategy is more you speed, do a quick search for the best-rated escape rooms in your local area! This adventure promotes teamwork and allows your kid to solve problems, think critically, and get creative.

Travel Somewhere New

Worldwide travel is expensive and exhausting. Right from the comfort of your home, you can choose almost any landmark, country, or location to virtually explore during your vacation. You can use the internet, books, and maps to plan your virtual trip!

Thousands of webcams give you access to national parks, including the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. Plus, visit a park’s website to gain virtual access to trails, wildlife, and more. Or, expand your horizons and travel around the world! Take an online tour of your family’s favorite landmarks and locations. Technology even allows you to visit a Caribbean island, walk the Great Wall of China, or climb Mount Everest.

Do your interests go beyond Earth? No problem! Travel to outer space. Check out the NASA website, NASA TV, or Access Mars. Star Atlas is another online resource that promotes space exploration and appreciation.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas to Explore Nature

Part of spring break’s appeal is the warmer temperatures. Why not accept the invitation and head outdoors for sunshine, vitamin D, and fun close to home?

Start exploring nature with a scavenger hunt in your backyard, around the block, or at a local park. During your walk or hike, look for new flower growth and tree buds, wildlife nests, spring colors, and various textures and shapes.

Your family could also plant a garden. Choose a corner of your backyard or grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs in containers on your deck or windowsill.

Camping is another family-friendly outdoor activity. Set up a tent in your backyard. Or challenge your kid to build a fort out of cardboard, lawn chairs, blankets, and other items. And if the weather is cool, enjoy an indoor camping trip complete with pillow forts, games, scary stories, and s’mores.

Be sure to include animals in your vacation, too. Thanks to technology, you can watch jellyfish at Monterey Bay Aquarium, farm animals at Farm Fresh 360, or rhinos, giraffes, and chimps at the Houston Zoo or Africam.com. As a bonus, this activity gives you an opportunity to learn about animal behavior, habitat, and conservation.

Play Games

Pull out the board games, play cards and puzzles, and enjoy an entertaining afternoon of laughter and learning. Your spring break staycation offers you an excellent time to share your favorite games from your childhood or learn new games together.

Another staycation game idea involves outdoor sports or an indoor obstacle course. Ask your kid to choose a sport or create an obstacle course that’s challenging yet entertaining for everyone.

You could even turn spring cleaning or regular chores into a game. While you organize and clean the house, you may be surprised at old memories that are uncovered or beloved items that have gone missing.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas to Create Art

Art allows your family members to express their creativity. Creating art is also therapeutic and fun. This spring break, plan to create and enjoy a variety of art.

To get started, buy age-appropriate art and craft kits to complete. Or make origami, jewelry, or sidewalk chalk drawings together.

Another idea is an artist’s retreat. Assemble all your art-related supplies onto the kitchen table. Spend an afternoon creating and exploring your artistic side. Then, share your creations in an online photo gallery.

Fairy houses are also engaging to build. Design a house, garden, pathway, and other details with various materials, such as clay, cardboard, pebbles, leaves, ribbons, and more.

Your family could enjoy art during a virtual museum visit, too. Tour the Louvre, Metropolitan Museum of Art, or almost any art museum around the world. As you look around, talk about what you like/don’t like about each piece. After your tour, challenge your family members to recreate their favorite piece in their preferred medium.

Listen to Music

Every vacation needs music. Music builds bonds and connects people. That’s why you may want to spend time listening to music together. Ask your kid to share their playlist as you promote a greater understanding of and appreciation for your family members.

Now’s also the perfect time to enjoy a virtual concert. If nothing is coming to your area, lots of bands, symphonies, and solo artists stream concerts on their websites, social media, or YouTube. Enjoy concerts by your favorite artists or explore different genres together.

Another musical option allows you to travel to Broadway without leaving your home. Watch musicals on Netflix or BroadwayHD. You can also support your local community, college, or high school theater troupe and watch a Livestream performance of their spring musical.

Your family could also create your own playlist. Add your favorite songs, songs with your names in the titles, or the popular songs in the years you were born. Later, access this playlist on your next vacation and any time you want to remember the joy you experienced listening to music and bonding together.

This spring break, have fun as a family doing different enjoyable, entertaining, and educational activities. Your entire family will stay engaged as you participate in one or more of these theme days.

Which spring break staycation idea is your favorite? Let your loved ones know, and start choosing which ones to try on your favorite family app!

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