8 Can’t Miss Virtual Museum Tours: Explore Art From Your Home

Go around the world of art or learn about its history with one of the best virtual museum tours!

Can’t make it to the museum in person? That doesn’t mean you can’t see art exhibits! After all, many of the best museums around the world are offering virtual tours of all of their works. Whether you love van Gogh or Botticelli, there’s content available to you. Be sure to share your list of virtual museum tours on your favorite family app!

What Are the Best Virtual Museum Tours?

There are plenty of virtual museum tours online that will make you feel like you’re on the town again. To explore some of the best collections, visit the following museum websites for a virtual tour that makes a truly artistic experience!

1. Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For those who have a hankering for Dutch classics, this Netherlands museum is a great one to explore. Whether you try the street view tour or visit the online exhibitions, this will initiate you into a great collection. Share your favorite painting on FamilyApp!

2. National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne, Australia

This Australian museum has been around since 1861 and is the country’s oldest museum. Lucky for you, you can visit its current exhibition without getting on a plane! With works that include Dali, Degas, and Rothko, there are different tours for every art lover. Share your virtual museum tours around the world on your favorite family app!

3. Musee d’Orsay in Paris, France

The classic works of van Gogh and Degas may seem far away from the comfort of your living room. But this popular Parisian museum will give you the scoop! It features the largest collection of Impressionist work in the world, so enjoy this virtual art museum tours interactive gallery.

4. Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy

This famous Italian museum may be best known for being the home to Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus’. However, you can explore and create your own tour with its 300,000-piece digital archive. This is one of the best virtual museum tours for children learning about the history of Renaissance art!

5. Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia, and Los Angeles, USA

It might seem like a sad theme given the stress of quarantine life. But it can be helpful to know that you’re not alone! This unique museum is both a virtual and physical public space. The “Brokenships” museum has donated pieces that symbolize a relationship, with some uplifting and some tragic stories. You can even contribute by donating something you own or sharing your story.

6. MASP in São Paulo, Brazil

This virtual museum tour collection is considered to be the finest collection of European art in Latin America. Fortunately, you can now see a lot of it for yourself! You can even view the crystal easels the art’s hung on, so they look even more like ethereal works.

7. Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain

This virtual museum tours online exhibit is the perfect tribute to all things Pablo. While you can’t visit the Gothic Quarter museum right now, you can do the 360-degree tour online. You’ll get to view the trajectory of Picasso’s development from his initial sketches to his most well-known works.

8. Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain

You may not be able to have the experience of seeing Frank Gehry’s unique building. But you can still enjoy some of the best in post-war European and American artwork at home. Some of the artworks even offer a more interactive experience, like Richard Serra’s Matter of Time.

Get ready to explore some of the world’s treasures! With plenty of virtual museum tours online, you can see some of the greatest artworks from your home. Do you have a virtual museum you can’t wait to explore?

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