Creating a Children’s Travel Journal and Keepsake

Travel Journal and Keepsake for Kids

A travel journal can be a special keepsake your child will treasure forever. Here’s how you can get them excited about their own notebook so they’ll be ready for your next trip!

Few things offer up the epic adventure for children that traveling does. In fact, whether they go on a weekend trip or to an international destination, the world is full of possibilities! And, given how creative kids are, there’s no better way to celebrate traveling than with a journal. Luckily, all they need before hitting the road is a notebook and a pen! Be sure to share your own travel journal ideas with other parents on your favorite family app.

What Is a Travel Journal?

Also known as a travel log or diary, a travel journal is great for helping your children celebrate their adventures! Most kids like to draw and color so a travel journal can work as another way to exercise their creativity. Whether you’re all taking a day trip or a vacation abroad, writing a travel journal makes it more memorable. It can also be helpful for collecting ideas, deciding on things they want to do and sights they’d like to see. By writing about the customs observed and the places explored, they’re more likely to become avid travelers!

How Do I Make a Travel Journal?

If your kid wants to start on their own travel journal, there are a few things they should consider ahead of time. Share our tips with other parents on FamilyApp!

  • Who Is It For? Your child may want to create their journal as a personal memory for themselves. They may also want to make a travel log so they can take it back to their friends and share the memories! Whatever their focus, a mission will help them with their travel journal prompts so the practice sticks.
  • What Do You Want the Focus to Be? Like the journey itself, a travel journal for kids should have a specific purpose in mind. For example, if they really want to explore a culture’s food, they can try different foods and take pictures of their favorites! If, on the other hand, it’s about local attractions, learning their history is important.
  • What Do You Want to Include? The best journal will have a mix of fun memories, interesting landmarks, and striking images. It can be great for your child to include some of the souvenirs they pick up along the trip. A road map or a dollar bill can make for great travel journal art! Share your ideas on your favorite family app.

How Do You Decorate a Travel Journal?

One of the most important travel journal essentials is a book they’ll love. Finding the right notebook means they’ll be ready to sit down with their pen and do some journaling! Instead of the traditional notebook though, have your kids use it as a scrapbook. They can decorate the outside with souvenirs from their favorite destinations, whether a newspaper or the name of a place. They can then embellish the pages with tickets, food wrappers, stickers and pictures that they’ve taken. While writing down the memories is one of the most important parts, getting creative will make it their own!

A travel log can be a creative way for your kid to commemorate their trips. Whether they do it for themselves or share their vacation with others, it’s a great way to keep the fun alive. Do you have any suggestions for travel journals with kids? Share them with other parents in our comments. With the right notebook and some great souvenirs, this can make the next travel even more memorable!

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