Identical Triplet Mom on the Street: Laura Kamosa

identical triplet mom on the street

What would be your reaction if you found out you were not having one child…but three identical girls at once? Laura Kamosa was certainly surprised to hear she was having triplets–but she wouldn’t have it any other way! Read on to hear her story as an identical triplet mom (plus one).

Meet Laura, Identical Triplet Mom + One!

Laura Kamosa is a mother of four daughters: identical triplets plus one. Raised in Maryland, she then lived in California and eventually moved back East. All four of her daughters were born in California. She loved raising her daughters, taking them to parks, museums, theaters, pools, baking, and traveling. As they grew older, they enjoyed travel as much as she did. She enjoys her daughters immensely as intelligent, kind, and lovely young adult women.

Laura has been a corporate executive most of her working life, a VP of Human Resources. The most magical years were those she took off to move across the country. Her work blessed her with flexibility before it was in fashion.

Laura reads extensively every type of book from The Midnight Library to the history of Thomas Edison or a fun Sophie Kinsella book Twenties Girl. She loves to walk for miles and rises every day before the sun to log at least two miles in the morning with a goal of 5 to 7 a day. It’s good for physical and mental health.

Laura has been married to her husband for 32 years and has two pups: a corgi mix rescue and a Pembroke Welshman corgi. She enjoys several very strong friendships with other women on several continents. They hike, whitewater raft, ski, and just have fun together.

She has had many side-hustle businesses, including her latest European treats. She loves to swim and bike when the opportunity arises and is looking forward to much more world and US travel in the future with her friends and family.

Life as an Identical Triplet Mom

How did you feel when you first found out you were having triplets? I felt very scared when I found out I was having triplets as I could hear the nurses talking about the difficulties involved in the pregnancy and outcomes.  Later I was excited to think of three little girl babies and happy.

What’s the difference between identical and fraternal multiples? Identical siblings mean they will all be the same sex and look the same.  Fraternal means they could be the same sex and look different, or they could be the opposite sex. Multiples run in my family. My Grandmother was a surviving identical triplet, and my brother and sister are fraternal twins.

What were the hardest and easiest things about raising triplets? The sheer amount of work involved keeping track of schedules, diapers, feedings, doctor’s appointments. As they were in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for the first two months, I knew it would be a challenge when they came home from the hospital. The easiest thing about the triplets was they always had a friend to play with, go to school with, or a sounding board to talk to during many life changes. When they were toddlers, I loved watching them interact, constantly sharing and giving each other hugs throughout the day.

As a mom of multiples, how to did you find ways to include their younger sibling? I included their little sister into the group by finding activities they could all do together. The triplets were also very loving and kind to their little sister. I would dress all four alike if I could find identical outfits in both sizes. I would read to all of them, and then as the triplets were older, they would also read to their little sister.

Raising Triplets

Did you dress them alike? I did dress them alike as babies and toddlers. They had some matching clothing up through middle school and high school, but by then, it was their choice to dress differently or alike. They also realized their wardrobes increased exponentially if they had different outfits.  The three of them wanted to be their own persons, not always part of a group.

Are your daughters close? My daughters are very close, which makes me extremely happy. They know they are there for each other through the good times and the difficult times. They are also close to their little sister. I always encouraged them to be best friends.

How do you tell them apart? I can now tell them apart by their faces and mannerisms. Many people cannot, but I can and have been able to for their whole lives. When they were babies, I did have different colored ribbons tied around their ankles so I would not mix them up. I used red, green, and peach ribbons.

What’s one of your parenting “true confessions?” When they were maybe three or four, I was making cinnamon toast for them, at least I thought I was. When I served it to them, they all said how terrible it was and. It was too “hot and spicy.” I had given them cinnamon toast with sugar many times, so I was annoyed and said to eat it anyways. They refused and asked me to try it.  I did take a test bite, and they were absolutely correct. In my hurry to feed them and my overtired brain, I had sprinkled red pepper onto the sugar and bread instead of cinnamon as the spices were close to each other in the cabinet.  We still remember that “Mom blooper.”

Navigating Education as an Identical Triplet Mom

How was it putting them through school? How did you do it? I chose to have them placed in the same classroom for most of elementary school and middle school. Their school separated them for first grade, and they did not like it. It was difficult for me. They wanted to be with their sisters. I had trouble keeping up with three different teachers, and instead of 20 spelling words, I had to track 60 spelling words. I could assist with homework easier if they were all doing the same assignments.  As they grew older and more independent, they could keep track of their own assignments.  They like the same subjects, loved to read, and were very artistic.

They chose different sports, tennis, volleyball, and swimming. But eventually, they all became swimmers, even their younger sister. I kept a whiteboard in the kitchen of assignments and a calendar on the kitchen wall of school and family events. In high school and through most of college, they shared one car.  They decided to go to the same university. Once they had different internships and jobs, another car was purchased, and then finally, in the senior year of college, a third car.  They were very good at sharing and working out their schedules.

Family Life

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your family? I like to travel with my family and explore new areas.  If it is to a local museum or park, a new state or city or country, we all have the same curiosity and excitement about new adventures, people, and places. We also like to play games, charades, Bananagrams, board games, or cards. We also kayak, paddleboard, walk, bike, ski, and swim. Going to the pool every day in the summer or to the beach on school breaks. Discuss new books and what we are reading.  We also like to bake together, especially around the holidays.

What’s your best parenting advice? Enjoy your children at all stages, set loving boundaries. The time does go quickly.  Days can be long when they are very young, but the years pass swiftly. Don’t worry about having the perfect house, picture, food, or child. Just enjoy the time together. Give them love and respect.  Set an example for them. They see what you do even more than what you say.

What’s your go-to family meal? When they were young, the favorite meal was macaroni and cheese with chicken and peas or breakfast (pancakes) for dinner. We also like to make your own pizza and tacos.

These Are a Few of Her Favorite Things

What’s your favorite binge-watch? My favorite shows have been Call the Midwives, Turn- Washington’s Spies, Downton Abbey, The Crown, and The Queen’s Gambit. I also love to read and have two or three books going at once. Becoming Mrs. C.S. Lewis, Mrs. Hamilton, and The Midnight Library.

Who do you think could play you in a biopic? Lynda Carter would be a good actress to play me.

What’s your favorite sport? I love to swim when I am near a pool.  I also like to walk miles and miles and play tennis or bike.

What song would you dance to when nobody’s watching? I like the song “Celebrate Good Times” and almost anything by Hootie and the Blowfish and O.A.R.Who’s someone, living or deceased, you’d like to have met? I would like to have met Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Obama, and Bill and Melinda Gates.

What’s on your travel bucket list? I have traveled extensively, but I have not seen Japan, Sweden, or Poland, so I would like to go there in the future as well as back to England, Australia, Italy, and Norway.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a long day? I like to unwind with friends and family. A long walk in nature, a good book, a paddleboard ride, or a bike ride.

Mom on the Street x 4!

We love Laura’s positive attitude and taste for adventure! If she’s not spending quality time with her family, she’s staying active outdoors or getting lost in a good book. After raising 3 girls at once, and then another, we’re sure this identical triplet mom is really cherishing her leisure time. Here’s to Laura, and all those moms of multiples out there! For more interesting and stylish moms, check out our Mom on the Street channel!

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