Sandbridge Saturday: Better in the Off-Season

What does one do post-workout on a Saturday? Keep the adventure going of course! We opted for an impromptu field trip to Sandbridge. Just an easy 25 minute drive across the city and we were there.

Sandbridge Saturday

Saturday brought a fair dose of fall with cool breezes, warm sunshine, and locals-only on the roads. Prime conditions for afitness field trip! My fiancé and I love a good road trip, but we don’t always have the time to take a getaway. However, there is something about this drive that makes it feel vacation-like. This southeastern corner of Virginia Beach brings a low, country to beach vibe. Complete with country roads, farm stands, and off-season free beach access parking! While our family consists of just us two, for the moment, Sandbridge serves up activities for all ages and all types of families.

Once you turn left on Sandpiper Road, you can feel the relaxed vibe of Sandbridge kick in. Clever house names, little to no traffic, and hidden spots like Baja Coffee that only locals know about. We took the road all the way to the end and opted for a stop at Little Island ParkLittle Island Park also makes an ideal spot to park. Clean beaches, restrooms, shelters, and a kids’ play area on site are essential for a perfect Sandbridge beach day filled with exercise. We took the short walk to the beach and even ventured onto the pier. A calm, serene spot for a post-run stretch or meditation. You can venture further onto the pier for $1 as well. 

Back Bay Wildlife Refuge and Running Trails at Sandbridge

If more nature or endless trails is your thing, you can get that, too! Fitness fans can access an untouched area of the city of Sandbridge by entering the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. The gates are just steps away from the Little Island Parking lot. If you are still planning a visit this season, get there fast. The False Cape Trail is closed starting November 1 through March 31. 

After a good dose of Vitamin Sea, we headed back to our side of town. But not before a quick stop by Margie And Ray’sfor a bowl of their famous She Crab Soup. $8 for a bowl that is packed with flavor and meat. Be sure to come as you are, nothing fancy about the joint, which is what makes it another favorite in Sandbridge for us.

All in all, our little road trip to Sandbridge was worth the drive. I encourage you to take an adventure day in Sandbridge as well. Hit the farm stands, make time for play, and soak up our city sun and fun! Don’t forget to share your favorite adventure on FamilyApp!

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