Family Digital, Inc. Secures €1.5 Million for rellify Marketing Platform


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (January 22, 2021) – Family Digital, Inc., a leading provider of digital technology solutions in the famtech market, today announced it has secured a €1.5 million investment for its Rellify, Inc. Funding raised through a seed round of 12 new investors, will be used to build out rellify’s cutting-edge content marketing technology platform, broaden the publishing offering, and maximize the company’s growth through sales, marketing and fulfillment capacity.

“We are honored to make this strategic investment in Rellify, Inc. and to be part of a company that’s driving innovative breakthroughs in business solutions as part of the global digital transformation,” says Karl-Heinz Land, Managing Director, neuland Ventures GmbH, a German digital and strategic investment firm.

Rellify, Inc. was launched in 2020 as a joint venture between Family Digital, Inc. and Semcona, a digital content marketing leader in Germany. The patent-pending rellify platform incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning to create comprehensive, content marketing strategies for brands that serve the family sector.

“We cannot overstate the contribution to the long-term growth of the venture, says Peter Kraus, CEO or Family Digital, Inc. “By accelerating the flow of capital and offering operational expertise, our investment partners are providing resources to help realize rellify’s vision of transforming the way businesses engage the highly-valued family sector.”

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