13 April 2021 (updated)

Sweet and Simple Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Mother's Day is one of the best days of the year--because Mothers don't get nearly the credit they deserve. Whether you're a teacher or a dad desperately looking for ways to keep the kids busy, here are some Mother's Day craft ideas for kids.

Easy Mother's Day Craft Ideas: Handprints

Handprints are the classic DIY craft idea that any kid can do--mostly because they're one-of-a-kind, easy, and versatile! If you have a preschooler or younger, these crafts are great because they don't require a ton of effort on the child's part. And they still count as a kid-made craft. Pro-tip: When I worked with preschoolers, I kept baby wipes right next to the project for a quick wipe-down before we washed hands. You don't want to risk any accidents on the way to the sink.

Handprint Flowers

Make a personalized DIY bouquet that will never wilt! Handprint flowers are adorable and are a great Mother's Day Craft idea for kids of all ages. Paint the child's hand (or press into stamp ink), and press it onto white paper. If the child is not old enough to use scissors, you can cut out the handprint. If they are old enough, have them practice their cutting skills. Attach the handprints to green straws, popsicle sticks, or pipe cleaners for the stems. Add paper leaves on the stems, too! You can display the bouquet in a vase or glass jar.

Flower Pots

Decorate a flower pot with thumbprint butterflies. Even better, plant a beautiful flower in the pot or make a tiny succulent garden! It's the perfect Mother's Day Gift for the mom with a green thumb. You can get cheap flower pots perfect for decorating at Walmart, Target, or any craft store.

Handprint Flower Bookmark

Moms don't always have time to read books, but a good bookmark can come in handy when they do. They'll love this popsicle stick bookmark that will lend a helping hand when they need to save their spot!

Easy Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Paper Flowers

Just like the handprint flowers, this DIY coffee filter flower craft will last forever! And they're so much fun to make. Use washable markers to decorate the coffee filters (not completely-- leave plenty of white space). Then, use a spray bottle to bleed the colors throughout the coffee filter. It will have a groovy-looking tie-dye effect. After they've completely dried, attach them to green pipe cleaners. Put them in a vase or decorated mason jar for an everlasting keepsake!

photo by @everyday_weplay

Footprint Flowers

Footprints make even better flowers because the shortness of toes looks much more like flower petals. We love this idea from @everyday_weplay! It's toe-tally awesome!

Friendship Bracelet

Pair a "friendship bracelet" with a card that says, "We're threaded together." This is my favorite Mother's Day craft because I was obsessed with making friendship bracelets when I was younger. And they're a great hobby that will keep your kid away from screens during downtime. Check out this printable Mother's Day card from The House That Lars Built that you can pair with a friendship bracelet.

Gratitude Rainbow

We love this cute Mother's Day Idea. For each color of the rainbow, write something they love about mom. This is a good way to learn the colors, too! This mess-free craft focuses on the child's ability to identify positive qualities in others and practicing gratitude. And Mom will have a colorful keepsake that will remind her just how loved she is.

Mother's Day Craft Ideas: Cards

Sure--you can always go to Target and pick out a pre-written card. But for a mom, sometimes a DIY Mothers Day card can be much more heartwarming. Here are some craft ideas for a card that she's sure to cherish:

Here Comes the Sun

This Mother's Day Card idea is going to brighten her whole day. Use yellow handprints around a yellow circle to make the rays of the sun. In the center (or above it), write "You are my sunshine."

The Tree

Use the child's arm as the trunk and hand/fingers for the branches. Add green paint or fingerprints for the leaves. You can leave it as a picture or fold it in half to make a Mother's Day card. You could include "Being your son/daughter is a tree-t" or "It's unbe-leaf-able how amazing you are."

Beau-tea-ful Mothers

Gift her a tea bag with a card that turns the well of a recycled egg carton and pipe cleaner into an adorable teacup. She'll appreciate the 15 minutes of peace. Maybe just give her the whole box of tea, too. And don't forget to tell her she's beau-tea-ful.

The Mother's Day Craft With All the Puns

If you have an artist in the family, this is a great idea. Have a couple of different pieces of paper-- 3x5 inches should do. Give your child a simple prompt for each card for them to doodle, then pair it with a mother's day pun. Turn them into a mini-book for mom!

  • an egg: You're egg-cellent
  • a fan: You're fan-tastic
  • a watermelon: You're one in a melon
  • fortune cookie: I'm so fortunate you're my mom
  • Olive: Olive you very much

For more easy Mother's Day Crafts, Check out Crafty Morning, I Heart Crafty Things and Happy Hooligans.

What Are Your Favorite Mother's Day Craft Ideas?

Whether you have a creative 4th grader or a crafty preschooler, share pictures of your child's finished Mother's day crafts on FamilyApp! If you're looking for the perfect gift, check out some little or no-cost gifts you can give to Mom for a Mother's Day at Home!

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