New Joint Venture Rellify, Inc. Announced to Transform Search Marketing


VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, May 29, 2020 – Family Digital, Inc. today announced the formation of a new joint venture, Rellify, Inc., to commercialize its latest innovation. Rellify is a digital platform for content marketers that emerged through collaboration between semcona GmbH and FamilyApp to power FamilyApp Discover. It is a proprietary content marketing process developed to accelerate brand awareness by producing relevant content.

“This exciting new digital platform is an outgrowth of our continuing commitment to pioneer good technologies that strengthen and support families,” says Peter Kraus, CEO of Family Digital, Inc. “As a leader in the famtech industry, we believe families benefit by connecting with reliable and trusted providers. Rellify is our business services solution designed to empower providers to better understand the family and to build effective content marketing.”

Rellify was designed as part of a strategic joint venture between Family Digital, Inc., semcona Holding GmbH, and neuland Ventures GmbH. Through the strategic application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cognitive computing, Rellify’s new approach makes businesses more relevant to their family audiences. Rellify’s success is based on identifying emerging trends, targeting strategic topics, and producing targeted messaging and monitoring to build a unified, data-driven content marketing approach.

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About Family Digital, Inc.

Family Digital’s mission is to fill people with hope as they experience the security of belonging to a family.

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