How to Learn a Language With the Best Free Apps

best apps to learn a language

There are plenty of benefits that go along with knowing another language. Whatever your experience level or your chosen foreign language, using an app to learn a language can help you succeed! Check out the best free language apps to get you started, here!

It’s easy enough to absorb a foreign language when we’re younger and can simply pick up the intricacies of language. However, the older you get, the tougher it can be to understand its nuances and find the time to take lessons! There are ways you can commit to learn a language that can make it a bit easier though. From online resources to free languages apps, here are a few ways to start speaking a foreign tongue!

What Are the Benefits of Learning a Second Language?

Learning a foreign language is often a fixture of education in secondary school. However, speaking more than your native language is a useful skill that can extend far beyond the classroom! While knowing more than one relates to improved cognitive skills, there’s also the benefit of standing out in the job field. As well, if you happen to enjoy traveling, knowing another culture’s tongue allows you to make unique connections. There’s no limit to the cultures you can inhabit by language learning at home. Be sure to share your benefits with others on your favorite family app!

What Are Some Tips to Learn a Foreign Language?

It might seem easy, but there are plenty of challenges whether you learn a language online or use an instructor. To keep your motivation primed, we have a few tips for how to succeed in language learning!

  • Set a Goal – It’s easy to get excited about being able to speak a new language. However, if you don’t have a goal in mind it can be hard to stay the course. If you really want to learn, commit to what really motivates you! You may not be able to learn a language fast so a little inspiration can make the journey easier.
  • Be a (Bit) Brave – One of the scariest parts of trying to speak an unknown language is doing it in front of others. The process can be full of plenty of mistakes and embarrassment. Learning without a little bit of fumbling is hard, though! Instead of holding it in, test out your skills on others so you can put your learning to the test. Tell others about your experiences on FamilyApp!
  • Listen – Speaking a different language might seem like it’s all about how much you talk. But, truly absorbing the nuance of language is also about hearing it by native speakers. This will enable you to learn the slang and get used to the sentence structure. Fortunately there’s plenty of learn a language audio available out there!

What Are the Best Language Learning Apps?

There are many ways to “learn a language free” without paying anything, whether you take language lessons or become an online learner. In this day and age, there are also many language learning apps that can make it so much easier for you!

1. Language Learning with Duolingo

This free app is one of the best ones out there for embarking on language learning! There are plenty of languages to learn from Duolingo and a lot of free lessons that will help you along. Using text, pictures, and audio, Duolingo will help you to understand the vocabulary and grammar of your chosen language.

2. Memrise – Perfect to Learn a Language Online

In many ways, Memrise does not have the ease of use that Duolingo does. However, it has plenty of qualities that make learning languages online easy. Not only will it connect new words and phrases with your spoken tongue, it uses pictures to cement what you’ve learned!

3. Language App for iPhone: Busuu

This popular iPhone app might not have as many languages as a lot of other apps. It makes up for it with being a great choice for all experience levels though! Busuu lets you learn a language for free using quizzes that you can test your knowledge. You may even want to share it with others on a family app!

4. Use Babbel to Learn a New Language

If you’re looking for an app that offers even more free material, look no further than Babbel. This great app has plenty of classes and lessons you can take that will allow you to absorb new words and phrases. Thanks to the vocabulary you’ll be able to communicate in your new language in no time flat!

While many people can learn a language by watching TV, it can be a lot tougher as we get older. Grammar and vocabulary can be harder to learn. But with all the tips and great apps out there, language learning becomes a bit easier. Have you tried learning a foreign language? Tell us about your experience in our comments! While it might take some work, the rewards can be well worth it.

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