How to Download Apps on a Smart TV

Smart TV Apps Installation Guide

It’s one thing to buy a smart TV, but another to know how to use it. Let us help you to download them with our easy guide, today! We also have some tips for the best smart TV apps out there!

There are many apps that may make your daily life a little easier from your tablet to your smartphone. However, when it comes to looking at the big picture, nothing brings clarity like a TV screen! And, you’ll want to download the best smart TV apps to make the most of your new device. From your Roku to your Samsung smart TV, here are the ways that you can make the most of it!

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How Do You Install Smart TV Apps?

If you are interested in adding apps to your smart TV, it’s as easy as one two three. Follow our simple guide to install your favorite content and keep your system secure. This guide works for most TVs but taking a look at the manual will help with specifics.

  • Explore the Home Screen – The home screen is the part of your smart TV that will show you all of the apps you have. Look here to see what apps for movies and shows your TV already features!
  • Find the Apps Icon – Once you’re familiar with your main TV screen, navigate to the left or right until you find the Apps icon. You can easily find recommended apps you might like or search for ones that are geared towards your interests!
  • Install the App! – When you find smart TV apps you’d like to install, ensure that you add them to your home screen. If you don’t, you’ll have to go back to the app store simply to open them again. Using this button means it will automatically appear on your home screen.
  • Sign In – Some apps will require you to sign in so that you can utilize them. Keep in mind that this username and password will be the same as your log in for other devices. Once selected, you should be able to access the app at any time from your TV’s home screen!

What Are the Major Apps a Smart TV Should Have?

There are a few great apps you may want to add to your smart TV. From the best in movies and television to the weather, you can do everything you need to without taking out your phone! Share your own apps with others on your favorite family app.

  • Kitchen Stories – If you love being in the kitchen or simply like food, this is one of the smart TV apps made for you! It provides the perfect visuals for a larger screen and offers a great step-by-step guide to your favorite recipes.
  • News360 – For the news maven who likes a comprehensive take on the headlines, News360 is a great place to begin! It provides updates from sources like Reuters, Bloomberg, and The Guardian that will focus on contentyou’ll be interested in!
  • Amazon Prime Video – One of the most popular streaming services out there also has an app that works seamlessly across devices. This Amazon app also lets you save your favorite shows and watch directly on the TV.

Which Smart TV Apps Are Free?

The only thing that makes a smart TV app even better is if it happens to be free. So if you still prefer channel surfing over using apps because that’s free, you should definitely give the following a try! Because let’s be honest – what’s the point of having a smart TV when you don’t use apps?

  • Plex – This is among the smart TV apps for streaming Android offers that goes a step further than Amazon Prime or Netflix. It allows you to easily add your own video collection to your TV! All that’s required is a connection to the same Wi-Fi network. You can even stream videos to your phone and tablet for a small fee.
  • Daily Workouts – Workout apps work beautifully through a SmartTV! You can stream or download thousands of exercise videos, and some programs even offer your own virtual coach. So downloading these TV apps a great idea!
  • AccuWeather – For those who are always on the go, this app is ideal for keeping you aware of the week ahead. If you enjoy detailed forecast charts, they’re even better on the big TV screen! Fortunately, it’s free for Apple and Android TV!

Investing in a smart TV can be a great way to get the most out of your favorite apps! Whether you like your favorite Amazon or Netflix shows, checking the news, or the weather, there are options for everyone. Do you have any favorite smart TV apps? Share yours with others in our comments! With a little installation know-how, you can be streaming your favorite show in no time flat.

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