09 October 2020 (updated)

App Trends 2021 - Mobile App Development

With 2021 coming up, there are many mobile app development trends set to take the stage! From chatbots to cloud technologies, here’s what to expect in mobile apps this year.

Our smartphones and the apps that come with them are a common part of every day. Yet, with each New Year comes a variety of ways that we can use technology to change our lives. For every app, there’s plenty of work mobile app developers are doing behind the scenes before it hits the market! While it’s important to use our smartphones conscientiously, some apps are set to have mass appeal this year. Share your favorite mobile app trends 2020 offers on your favorite family app!

What Are the Top App Trends for 2020?

There’s plenty of new tech on the horizon. However, the following mobile app developments will be making the biggest splash on the scene.

  • Chatbots – If this word doesn’t seem familiar to you, you probably haven’t used online customer service in a while. However, chatbots are at the forefront of today’s mobile app development demand! Instead of having to contact a live customer agent, people will be able to have common queries resolved online. As this shift may save $8 billion by 2020, it could have a huge impact on the sector’s employment stats.
  • Artificial Intelligence – There’s no doubt that a buzz has been brewing around AI for many years now. But, with so many advances in technology, things are about to get going in mobile application development. Industries like IT and marketing have started to use AI strategies in order to streamline their process and gain business. This can include everything from virtual personal assistants to intelligent apps to online security.
  • Augmented or Virtual Reality – It seems like VR is a long time coming, but it’s only recently that this capability has started to take root. Many people may not be aware but apps like Snapchat and Instagram use augmented reality to animate posts and pictures. According to Statista, approximately 5 billion apps now utilize AR or VR. You may want to head to the app store to find the best apps trends 2021 offers!

Mobile App Development: That's New in 2021

With the goal of making everyday life easier for all of us, developers work hard to set new standards when it comes to mobile apps. The following trends will surely improve your smartphone usage.

  • Wearable Technology – Smart watches and tracking wearables have been a fixture of the mainstream market for a few years. However, app development has made more processes with wearable technology. In fact, Statista estimates that approximately $33 billion of revenue will be created by wearable technology. In the year to come, expect the use of more fitness trackers with less smartphone use.
  • Mobile Wallets – Many smartphone and app users are still uncomfortable with mobile wallet apps. However, there’s bound to be a boost in e-commerce with the convenience of online payments being available to users. While products like Apple Pay and Google Wallet have certainly popularized this payment method, the market’s ramping up! Samsung is even working on a method that makes payments more convenient for Android users so expect more seamless payment security soon!
  • Cloud Technologies – It’s common now, but integrating cloud technology will be a major strategy for mobile app development for iOS and Android. Storing data will require cloud technology, which will assist many apps in functioning effectively. With speed being an important part of any connected experience, cloud-based technology will improve power, security, and reliability. Share how cloud-based mobile apps have helped you with your favorite family app!

Mobile App Development 2021 and Beyond

Technology is a sector that is ever-changing, and nowadays it overlaps with many other aspects of our life. That’s why you can expect plenty of mobile app development trends in 2020 that may just simplify your daily duties! Do you have a favorite upcoming app trend? Share your user experience in our comments. From cloud technologies to the popularity of mobile wallets, there’s something that will appeal to every techy!