Top 10 Reading Apps for Your Smartphone or Tablet

Reading Apps for your Smartphone and Tablet

You have to stay home but still want to borrow a library book? Or you’re tired from carrying around all those heavy hardcover books? Check out these reading apps!

Whether you’re stuck indoors or you’re prepping for a rainy day, there’s nothing better than a good book.  Instead of reading a physical book, you can use eBooks and reading apps to get access to your favorites from your tablet or smartphone. Be sure to share your most beloved books on your favorite family app!

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What Is the Best eBook Reader App?

If you’re raring to sit down with a good book on a quiet afternoon, look no further than these well-known reading apps!

  • Amazon Kindle – There was a time you had to own a Kindle eBook reader to take advantage of plenty of titles. However, now you can use the app to read a variety of books, magazines, and newspapers! This is among the best reading apps both Android and iOS offer.
  • Google Play Books – This app offers more than a million titles to choose from, and has plenty of great features to boot! You can easily adjust the font and line spacing for an optimal reader experience. Download your favorites today and read them offline!
  • Nook – The NOOK app was developed by one of the largest bookstores in the world, Barnes & Noble. So, if you’re raring to support a bookstore, it’s one of the best reading apps around. You can choose to buy, download, or read a wide variety of literature in seconds!

What Are Good Apps to Read Books?

They may not be as familiar, but the following eBook reading apps for iOS and Android provide their very own special benefits. Share your favorite finds with other readers on FamilyApp!

  • Serial Box – This audiobook program is set up more like television, providing ‘episodes’ that you can catch up on each week. You can choose from genres as diverse as science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. You can even switch between text and audio if you like!
  • Prolific Works – If you’re the kind of reader who’s always ready to discover new authors, you won’t regret this reading apps download! This app will sync to most eReaders so you can take advantage of plenty of free reads.
  • Oodles – This eBook reader has the added benefit of offering books in more than ten languages. So, if you’re looking for a novel in its native language, look no further. With more than 50,000 titles, you should have some luck finding your favorites!
  • Comixology – With graphic novels taking off in recent years, it’s no surprise that some reading apps offer just that! Comixology is perfect for the reader who loves graphic novels, manga, and comics. With more than 100,000 titles, you won’t get bored any time soon!

What Are Good Reading Apps for Free?

Whether you’re looking for a classic or something new and unique, the following reading apps offer a great selection. Be sure to share your book discoveries on your favorite family app!

  • Overdrive – If you love supporting your local library, Overdrive is one of the best reading apps for iOS to be found! This app works in conjunction with libraries in your area to provide access to eBooks, audiobooks, and videos. It even has the added benefit of being free!
  • Aldiko – Like Google Play, this app allows you to customize your reading interface for the best user experience. This app doesn’t have its own library and instead gives you the option of choosing from the best-priced books. You can easily look for new books in the app, and take advantage of free classics!
  • Rakuten Kobo – It might be among the less familiar reading apps, but Kobo actually has more than 5 million titles to choose from. You can also upload your own content so you can read it using the app. For those stuck inside, you won’t run out of reading options!

With so much time to spend indoors these days, there’s no better idea than sitting down with a good book. From fantasy and fiction to manga and comics, there’s an app that will suit every genre out there! Do you have any favorite reading apps? Share them with others in our comments! Getting outside is great, but staying inside also has its pros – plenty of time to read!

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