The 11 Best Romantic Restaurants in Virginia Beach

best romantic restaurants in virginia beach

If you’re looking for somewhere new to take the person you care about most out to a romantic meal, then you’ve come to the right place. Our list of the best romantic restaurants in Virginia Beach will put you in the mood for love. And in the words of a good friend, “everywhere is romantic with the right person.”

Food is more intimate than people give it credit for. It makes you feel good, and besides, what’s more romantic than a candle-lit meal? It’s time you spent your money on food that will help set the mood. There won’t be any romantic feelings on an empty stomach, so check out our list of the best romantic restaurants in Virginia Beach. We’ve hand-picked some truly charming places that are sure to kick the night off perfectly (in no particular order).

1. Terrapin

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Terrapin cares about treating their customers with respect, making this restaurant an excellent place to show someone how much you care. Opened in 2006, Terrapin has won several awards such as the Table Top “Best Service” and “Best Over All” awards and many more. Inside, you’ll find quaint tables under a well-lit ceiling, creating the perfect ambiance for an exciting and lovely experience. The wine selection is off the charts, making this a fantastic place to take someone on a romantic restaurant date! 

2. Il Giardino Italian Restaurant

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The Italian language is considered one of the few true romance languages. It originates from Latin, and the rich history behind Italian culture provides a timeless style of love. When Il Giardino‘s founder Tony Gargiulo took a trip to Florence Italy, he was inspired to open his own Italian restaurant where customers would feel like they were embarking on a romantic boat ride through the canals of Venice. Almost forty years after laying eyes on an authentic wood-burning oven, he shares his love of genuine Italian-style foods with everyone willing to walk through his doors. From seafood to salads, they’ve got a little something for everyone.

3. Tempt Restaurant & Lounge

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The crew over at Tempt Restaurant & Lounge takes its name seriously and promises to tempt you with only the finest foods Virginia Beach has to offer. From their Flat Iron Chimichurri to their fried calamari, you’re guaranteed to kick off the night feeling right. Music and entertainment are often provided in the later hours, proving Tempt as a perfect spot for that late-night outing with the person you care about most. That being said, they have some of the tastiest cocktailsand food in town. You might be tempted to withhold from their delicious dessert menu, but as they say over at Tempt Restaurant & Lounge… “the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it!”

4. Becca Restaurant & Garden

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If you’re looking for somewhere truly special to make a great first impression, Becca Restaurant & Garden is the best choice in town. A true “garden-to-table” restaurant, most of their menu options come straight from the fields of localized organic farms and gardens. And so, they’ve done the impossible and re-defined sophistication with a mix of both traditional and modern-style cuisine. They’re located inside the legendary oceanfront Cavalier Hotel, giving you the opportunity to experience one of the classiest dining facilities Virginia Beach has to offer. Their motto? “Always elegant, yet never pretentious.”

5. The Hunt Room Social Club & Tavern

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After you’ve dined at the Cavalier’s Becca Restaurant & Garden, conclude your romantic night just a few steps away at The Hunt Room Social Club & Tavern. Located just down the hall, the Cavalier’s Hunt Room is an excellent option to grab a delicious drink and hang out. The warm, dimly-lit atmosphere feels just like a quiet winter get-away, making conversation easy and fun. So, if you’re looking for a calm place to catch up in an intimate setting, the Hunt Room has you covered. Kick back and relax by the fire and discover how a true American tavern should feel.

6. Esoteric

The romantic connection between husband and wife duo Tim and Kristina Chastain was the perfect mix for creating Esoteric, our sixth favorite romantic restaurant in Virginia Beach. They had all the right things in mind when they created the Esoteric gastropub; craft beer, eclectic foods, and an especially diverse aesthetic. The product is worthy of high praise, making Esoteric an ideal location to prove your love for that special someone. They’re a restaurant with a philosophy that extends far beyond fine dining, and they pride themselves as a great place for inspiration and comfortable relaxation.

7. Prosperity Kitchen

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On paper, Prosperity Kitchen is considered a bakery and a pizzeria, but they’re much more than just that. Prosperity Kitchen mixes small-town bakery vibes with aesthetics and class. They use fresh ingredients and have a small but excellent selection of groceries. After your meal, you can even take the fun back home with you! In the words of the founders, “we want our space to inspire cozy feelings and delicious memories.” Grab a bite to eat, browse their take-home ingredients for later, and let Prosperity Kitchen inspire those cozy feelings both during and after your visit.

8. Waterman’s Surfside Grille

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There’s something timeless about a setting sun over a vast ocean view. The sea is filled with mystery, and what better view is there to share with the one you love most? Listen to the waves crashing as you dine at this true oceanfront staple. Located right on the Virginia Beach boardwalk, Waterman’s has a reputation for some of the most delicious seafood around. What started as a small 60’s night club has now evolved into a classic American eatery, and I guarantee any date to Waterman’s will leave you and your date feeling full and impressed.

9. Orion’s Roof

If you’re looking for dramatic, romantic views– Orion’s Roof is the place to be. From 183 feet above the Atlantic Ocean, Orion’s Roof showcases refined Asian-​fusion cuisine and handcrafted cocktails in a modern rooftop-garden setting. Try the fresh local catch or one of their specialty rolls. You really can’t go wrong at this place.

10. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant

If you and your sweetheart are wine connoisseurs, Cooper’s Hawk is a great place to unwind and sample all of your favorite reds, whites, and rosés. Their Tasting Rooms embrace the rich experience of Napa. Guests can explore and expand their palates and enjoy a romantic evening together. Their menu is excellent, too, from filet mignon to parmesan-crusted shrimp scampi; everything is simply delectable. Check out their gift shop for high-end decanters, wine accessories, and gifts, along with their very own gourmet food line!

11. Le Yaca

Feeling in the mood for love? Love craft cocktails and delicious French delicacies? Then head over toLe Yaca, a delicious contemporary French bistro. Start with their signature French onion soup, and finish your meal with a decadent creme brulee or apple tart. If you’re looking for a memorable date night meal with your special someone, this is a fantastic choice!

It’s a Date!

Give it a shot and let us know how it goes! Each of the romantic restaurants in Virginia Beach mentioned on our list has proven themselves as excellent date spots time and time again. The memories you make will be priceless.

Did we miss your favorite romantic restaurant date spot? Let us know where you like to treat your significant other!

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