Safety For Children In A Smart Home

Many are living according to the saying “My home is my castle” and families need a protected area. So many are turning to a smart home for extra security.

What Is a Smart Home?

“Smart Home” has no specific definition. You often think of a smart home similar to the Jetsons cartoon with an app controlling lamps, sockets, heating or other end devices from home or from the road. But what does this look like exactly?

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Safety For Children In A Smart Home

Children are often up at night and will walk around the house. They have to go to the toilet, or had nightmares and want to see their parents. In such situations, it is good to have intelligent lighting control in your home. The motion detectors prevent kids from being afraid in the dark or stumbling and injuring themselves in the process.

Safety is not only important inside the house. Smart motion detectors and alarm systems create a cordon sanitaire around your home to exclude unwanted people. You can also monitor your castle from Sumatra via your smartphone. So smart home equipment helps to protect your whole family.

Smart Home Dashboard: Sneaking Out Does Not Go Unnoticed

Just as unwanted people have to stay outside, the weakest family members should be protected from the dangers outside. Doors and windows are particularly interesting for children. They allow teenagers to escape to forbidden parties and toddlers to enter your garden or the street. These situations of fear are unknown to owners of a Smart Home. Because a dashboard lets you keep an eye on all the entrances and exits.

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Smart Home Fire Alarm System

How often do you leave your home and wonder if the stove is turned off? In a smart home, you retain control over your household appliances, even if you are on the other side of the world. In the event of a fire, smart fire detectors prevent the entire outbreak of flames and can alert the fire brigade and your smartphone.

Smart Speaker As A Smart Home Family Member

Fire detectors, alarm systems, and motion detectors existed long before the smartphone. Your house will only really become a smart home if you treat yourself to an acoustic assistant like Alexa. These little helpers support you in all everyday tasks.

Especially with children, you have all your hands in use at the same time, so there is often only your mouth left to interact with. The personal assistants then provide information on the weather, flight plans, filling level of the refrigerator, or your own schedule at lightning speed on request. It is also great to be able to freak out to your favorite playlist during your workout at home while keeping your hands free. The Smartspeaker is still a nice gimmick to be, which takes over rather simple tasks. But the development progresses and the smart devices grow from pure command receivers to helpful partners in the household.

Smart Home – Living In The Future Today

A smart home offers decisive advantages, especially in terms of safety and everyday organization. Manual activities have shifted to acoustics, making life easier for families, pensioners, and physically challenged people.  In the past, luxury was for a few, but with the smartphone and the internet, it has become the standard for many. Do not stop in the past and come back to the future with the smart home.

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