Top 10 Work Apps for Teams and Business Partners

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There’s more to managing a team than planning meetings and sending emails. With the following work apps, staying on top of any project will be made simple!

When it comes to doing business, there are plenty of ways to keep the team on task. Whether you do it with weekly meetings or daily emails, it’s important to know where everyone is at. A family app may be able to help you organize at home, but it can assist in the office too! From chat functions and assigning tasks to monitoring progress, there are many work apps to make money for your business!

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What Are the Best Work Apps for Teams?

For organizing a group or staying on top of a project, there are plenty of apps to make the job easier!

1. Podio

If you’re looking for work apps that can go beyond your team members, Podio might be it. While it allows you to start conversations and set up project spaces, there’s more. You can invite clients and freelancers into threads where they can offer feedback.

2. Scoro

When it comes to overseeing the day-to-day operations of a business, Scoro is key in managed services. You can employ team management by setting tasks and marking your calendar to make sure everything is ironed out.

3. Hubstaff

In addition to a mobile app, Hubstaff features a website and desktop version that makes it user-friendly from anywhere! As one of the best time-tracking work apps, this can run on the computers of team members to track productivity.

4. ProWorkFlow

The tough thing about managing projects can be having everything in one place. Fortunately, with ProWork Flow, you can easily access all the documents associated with a project. It will also integrate with many file storage systems for ease of use.

What Is the Best Enterprise Real-Time Group Chat Solution?

It’s helpful to have a chat function when it comes to business, and the following apps can do just that. You may even want to share them with others on a family app!

5. Zoho Workplace

This app service plan offers a full office suite that features email, word processing and collaboration documents. Luckily, because it’s among the more robust work apps, you can customize it to the needs of your team.

6. Slack

It might call to mind the word ‘slacker’, but this is one of the best work apps for iPad or iPhone. If you want to stay in constant contact with your co-workers, it allows you to set up topics for specific projects. In addition, you can participate in team chats by sending private messages and scheduling video calls.

7. FamilyApp

Although the name doesn’t point to business, our FamilyApp is a great tool for all kinds of teams, including co-workers and business partners. We provide end-to-end encrypted messaging to keep all your sensitive data secure.

What Are the Best Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs?

Managing the productivity of employees can be key to getting the job done. The following apps are some of the best when it comes to taking stock!

8. Asana

Among the work apps that lets you assign tasks, you can monitor progress and apply management learning to the details. When tasks are complete, your team members will be able to check them off the list for instant updates.

9. Trello

When it comes to collaboration, few apps possess the appeal of Trello. While you can create boards, lists and project details, your team can chime in! All they have to do is add comments, edit documents or mark to-dos within projects.

10. Evernote Business

This is among the best work apps for iPhone out there! Whether you use OpenStack or Cloud Foundry, this cloud-based app allows you to share notes with team members to manage projects. It’s also high availability and can work in conjunction with popular applications like Google Drive.

Whether it’s carpooling or education or fitness, there are plenty of family apps out there to inspire you. Fortunately, work apps can be a great way to manage projects on the business side of things. Do you have a favorite work app? Let us know in our comments! Whether you choose Slack, Trello, or Evernote, there are many options out there to help you manage.

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