Group Chat Etiquette: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

good group chat etiquette

Chat conversations with a bunch of people can be a great way to make a plan and come to a consensus, but they can also be nerve-wracking. Follow our tips for group chat etiquette so everybody can enjoy the chat.

Families and groups of friends all over the world praise the time-saving effort of a group chat. However, many of us have also had bad experiences with overflowing messages or inappropriate content being shared. So we’ve come up with a group chat etiquette that can help you and others.

What Is Good Group Chat Etiquette?

1. Pick Your People

The number of folks you can include in a chat will be dependent on which chat app you’re using. However, just because you can talk to 20 or 25 people doesn’t mean you should! Once you get beyond a certain number, it can get difficult for everyone to communicate effectively. Be sure to keep your group a manageable size.

2. Review Your Texts

We’ve all experienced those moments where it’s hard to know how to read a text. That’s why when it comes to group texting it’s more important than ever to think before you write! Instead of sending a snap text, make sure you’ve reviewed your response. Have a look at your punctuation and make sure that word recognition or auto-correct worked correctly.

3. Get Involved in the Group Chat

It can be hard to keep up with some of the group chat conversations. However, it’s important to respond now and then so your fellow group chatters know that you’re still available. Instead of hitting mute, pop in every once in a while, and let people know what you think.

4. Stay on Topic

A chat with six or seven people can be pretty busy! That’s why it’s important that the content stays on topic. Instead of going off on unrelated issues, try a direct message or telephone call. Once the topic has veered, it can be confusing to get back to the root of the matter.

5. Be Patient With Others in a Group Chat

It can be difficult to respond to a text blitz from one person, but it’s more complicated with group chat conversations! Instead of asking multiple questions, wait for a response. If everyone has to jump in and answer more than one question, the thread can get too busy too fast.

What Should You Not Do in a Group Chat?

group chat etiquette

6. Don’t Give Out Sensitive Information

If you’re part of a larger group chat, there’s a chance that you might not know all the parties involved. For that reason, it’s important to be cautious about the information you share. Giving out information passwords, addresses, and even credit card numbers is not safe.

Even if you know everyone, there’s a chance your chat data isn’t safe on many different texting apps. So choose a secure messenger like FamilyApp to keep all your data private.

7. Avoid Private Conversations in a Group Chat

It’s one thing to direct message people individually if you want to talk about things. But if you’re on a group text, stick with conversations that relate to the whole group.

8. Don’t Text Bomb

No one wants to receive 20 or 30 notifications because they’re in a group chat. It can become impossible to respond and will make it hard for others to stay involved. Stick with easy responses, condense your texts, and be direct.

9. Refrain From Overusing Emojis

Emojis and emoticons can be a fun way to be more expressive in a text. But when it comes to group texting, they can make it much busier. While you can still use them, it’s important to minimize your use so it doesn’t overwhelm the chat.

10. Never Leave a Group Chat Unexpectedly

Once you’re in a chat with other people, you’re a part of the thread whether you want to be or not. Unfortunately, if you’re not interested in participating, it can be awkward to leave. Instead of simply exiting without saying a word, let people know that you’re leaving politely. This will ensure there are no hard feelings. Similarly, if you’d like to add another person, first ask the group if it’s okay.

Basic Rules for a Group Chat

Sometimes, being a role model by following these group chat etiquette isn’t enough – because chances are high that others won’t recognize how you act. So it’s important to speak up and point out to others when their chatting gets of control or a shared link isn’t appropriate.

Do you have more tips on good group chat etiquette? Let us know in the comments! Do you want to have great and safe chat conversations? Try FamilyApp!

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