Fitness Mirror: Bring the Gym Safely Home

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A fitness mirror brings the benefits of a world-class gym to your home.

Whether you are looking for personal training, classes, or family fun, these workout mirrors turn any small space into an exercise studio.

Fitness Mirror: Bring the Gym Safely Home

Looking for a great Christmas gift for the fitness lover in your life? Or needing some exercise self-care while you have limited day-care and gym options. Fitness Mirrors have been around for a few years. But they’ve recently caught on as a solution to the pandemic workout challenges.

How a Fitness Mirror Works

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A fitness, or workout, mirror, looks like a simple full-length mirror but becomes an interactive screen.  You get to work out with an on-screen trainer, the trainer can see your movements as well and provide coaching. Depending on the brand, with your mirror, you have access to dozens of workout styles, classes, music, and a community of members to cheer you on.

Benefits of the Mirror

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This home gym mirror takes up less than 2 feet of wall space. So it’s an excellent option for small living homes. As opposed to bulky equipment such as a Peloton, treadmill, or other home gyms, you can place your workout mirror in a dining room or living room without taking up space or disrupting the home decor.

These high-tech mirrors are not cheap. But during COVID-19, when many gyms are closed or pose a greater risk of spread, at-home workouts are growing in popularity. The workout mirror offers convenience and safety while not sacrificing fitness regime quality. It offers barre, boxingcardioyoga, Zumba, and high-intensity exercise options on-demand,

Few people have the space or desire for all of the exercise equipment needed to outfit a home gym. But even if you get all the stuff, you still lack training sessions, a personal trainer, and the experience of being in it with a community. An exercise mirror provides all you need to get your heart rate going, again, in under 2 feet of wall space.

Fitness Mirror Features

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Mirrors come with options to be free-standing or wall-mounted. Obviously, if you are looking to save space, wall-mounting works best. Beyond that, all mirrors use built-in, integrated cameras to catch show your workout to instructors for feedback. But some of the best mirrors advanced motion-capture technology to monitor your full-body movement more closely.

Depending on the mirror you choose, you may have a touch-screen interface or control the features through an app on your smartphone.  Touch-screen is faster and easier to operate but can often be a bit more expensive.

Mirror Brands

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Tempo leads the race in mirrors, providing the best technology, as well as workout gear to assist your exercise. Tempo specializes in strength and cardio and arrives with dumbbells, barbells, a heart monitor, a workout mat, and a storage cabinet.

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Mirror is also a frontrunner and takes up less space. Mirror specializes in cardio and packages include a heart rate monitor, resistance bands, a mirror stand, a wall mount, and a screen cleaning kit. This brand is equipped with a front-facing camera that includes a cover for privacy when not in use. The mirror allows you to track your heart rate through Apple Watch compatibility and Blue-tooth enabled heart monitors.

The Echelon Reflect boasts the largest screen of these three options, a touchscreen, and a point-based system making it easier to compete remotely with friends.

Now More Than Ever

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or day-trader, stay-at-home continues to describe so many of us right now. At the same time, we continue to see how physical fitness is crucial to maintaining energy, positive mental health, and a fighting immune system. All this, while we want less stuff cluttering our homes, home offices, and home classrooms!

The Fitness Mirror supplies solutions to some of these 2020 lifestyle struggles. It doesn’t solve all of 2020 (what can?). But it provides some answers, in a sleek, streamlined, easy-to-use package that keeps your heart rate up, without becoming a clothing rack in the guest room.

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