Last-Minute Father’s Day Activity Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner, but even if you don’t have a Father’s Day gift, yet, you’re in luck! This VB Basics Father’s Day Activity Guide is your ticket to finding a meaningful way to tell your dad how much you love him.

Father’s Day in Virginia Beach

“Last-Minute Father’s Day Activity Guide”

Often, finding that perfect gift is a tough one. From one busy mom to another, I’ve put together the perfect last-minute gift guide. It is for those of you who are already busy working hard on a daily basis to make sure everyone has what they need, aka: juggling life… and then you’ll appreciate my “Last Minute Father’s Day Activity Guide”.

You’re the best dad in the whole entire world. Instead of a day by yourself, uninterrupted, boring, dull, quiet – we’ve decided that what you really truly want – is a day with all of us, packed to the brim with activities.

Good Morning, Dad!

Forget sleeping in – let’s start this day with a bang and a very special cup of coffee! A new small-batch coffee roaster company popped up on the Virginia beach scene recently, and it’s one for the books. Small Batch Sunday’s coffee is the perfect way to surprise dad with something new and delicious. We like to brew our fresh coffee in the Chemex. And if we get up at 5:30 a.m., Mom and Dad could even enjoy this coffee together on the porch while listening to the birds sing as our children snooze in their beds.

We all know that dad feels better if he’s done his daily exercise and it’s best to get that done first thing in the morning. Get the run out of the way by hitting the trails of First Landing State Park – this park is one of a kind. If dad wants company on his morning exercise, I suggest giving him all the kids to come along. OR – he could switch it up and do fitness on the tennis courts.

Once dad has finished that light 8-mile jaunt in the park, even more coffee, and a healthy breakfast should be next on the list. Way ahead of you. Since I’m not up for cooking this early in the morning on your special day, the kids and I will meet you at Commune for their amazing breakfast. We’ll even make you pose in front of all the new murals with all of us smooshed in. Don’t worry, we bought you a selfie stick so that you can get the perfect shot as you have the longest arm.

Father’s Day at the Beach

Dads LOVE the beach. And let’s face it, we bring dad to the beach with us not only to carry all the things! But dad is the perfect big kid basically, to play with all the kids in the surf and sand! A trip to the beach is essential on Father’s Day. Since it’s Father’s Day, dad still has the job of sunscreening everyone (he’s good at it, so why change it?). He’s armed with a beach picnic (hello sandwiches, fruit, snacks, chips, and a lot of water), surfboards, boogie boards, an umbrella, chairs, shovels, buckets. Let’s pile it all into the car and head to your favorite beach location.

Cheers to you dad! Now please help dig the kids a hole, help push them into waves, play a bit of pro-Kadima with them, and get them as tired as you can! Beach naps are even better! Let Dad have a good hour of relaxation here, that may be the only time he’ll get it that day!

(If the beach isn’t his thing, you can take him fishing, golfing, or paddleboarding. Or you head to Top Golf, iFly, or on a Dolphin Boat Tour on the Rudee Rocket!)

Father’s Day Evening

If Dad is more of a beer than beach guy, you have quite a list of breweries in Virginia Beach. Commonwealth Brewing Co’s hosts a “Father’s Day Fish Fry” on Sunday from 12:00 – 9:00 p.m. Capt’n Crabby will be frying up seafood treats too! Back Bay’s Farmhouse Brewing is the perfect location for you to celebrate dad. New Realm Brewing is also a fun place to hang out with their lawn games, delicious beer, a brand new restaurant, and a food truck. Dogs are allowed when on a leash!

If you vetoed the brewery, after the beach, why not hop onto your bikes and head down to the Virginia Beach Boardwalkwith the family. This is dad’s day, and we all know how much he probably loves cruising down the road. So Father’s Day Dinner is OUT tonight (because that morning coffee mom poured and the beach picnic she packed is all that she signed up for today!). Family-friendly restaurants in Virginia Beach are pretty easy to find, and my guess is that one of dad’s favorite is on that list. Side Street Cantina is fun, you can’t beat the guacamole that’s made right in front of your eyes! Feeling feisty? Their margaritas are top-notch too. Aloha Snacks has fantastic specials, great beer, and even better ambiance, and is a great location to celebrate your dad.

Father’s Day Activity Guide – What a Day!

To quote Small Batch Sunday’s motto –  “Small Rituals. Big Moments.” You can make Father’s Day really great for the dad(s) in your life. Just do the things he loves and celebrate HIM! It’s all about those little rituals.  And they don’t have to be fancy! So make that cup of coffee, take a bike ride, and go to the beach. Those are the things that make Dad feel special. That’s what Father’s Day is all about!

What are your favorite things to do from the “Last-Minute Father’s Day Activity Guide”? Share in the comments, your favorite family app, or on social using #getfamilyapp!

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