04 March 2021 (updated)

Top 10 Pregnancy Apps for iOS and Android

It’s not unusual to have a lot of questions about being pregnant. Fortunately, there are many pregnancy apps that can provide answers and support along the way! Find out about the best pregnancy apps for iOs and Android, here!

What Are the Best Pregnancy Apps?

There are different pregnancy apps providing different services out there. Most of them are tracker apps where you can get info about your baby's development week-by-week when you fill in your due date. But there are more features you can find in an app for your pregnancy. To safe you some time, we checked the most popular pregnancy tracker and baby apps:

1. The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

If you’re looking to document the growth of your little one, The Bump is your go-to pregnancy app! This pregnancy tracker app's free features include everything from 3D visualization of your baby’s growth to a belly bump photo album. You can even get real-time answers to all your questions about pregnancy!

2. BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker and Baby App

It’s all in the name when it comes to BabyCenter’s very own app! In addition to a development tracker, there are plenty of pregnancy tips and weekly checklists. There’s even a baby kick counter and a contraction timer. Our favorite feature: As soon as you have given birth to your baby, the app transforms to a guide for new moms and dads providing lots of parenting tips for the first weeks of your baby's life!

3. I’m Expecting Pregnancy App

This app may be visually striking, but it will also provide comfort when it comes to being pregnant. In addition to reminders and to-do lists, you can also get information about any symptoms you’re wondering about during pregnancy. What we love about this app are the videos to see the weekly development of your baby.

4. Baby Names

There are so many things leading up to giving birth that it can be easy to forget about a name! Luckily, Sevenlogics' Baby Names app offers more than 30,000 options where you can check popularity and get ideas. Plus, there are many filters, so you can search by a specific origin for example. If you’re struggling with agreeing on a baby name while your due date is getting closer, this app can truly help.

The Best Pregnancy Apps for Medical and Health

Many pregnant women have a lot of questions about their and their baby's health, especially when they are first-time moms-to-be. If you're one of them, you should take a look at these pregnancy apps for Android and iOs:

5. WebMD Pregnancy App

Plenty of pregnancy apps offer fun timelines and pretty pictures. But if you’re looking for solid medical advice, turn to WebMD. You can easily make checklists as well to determine what baby items to buy and what to ask your doctor. You may want to share this with other pregnant parents who want to be well informed on FamilyApp!

6. Sprout Pregnancy

This app provides 3D interaction that gives you a view of your growing belly, winning it 4.7 stars on iPhone reviews! There are plenty of key features, too, including a pregnancy journal, a timeline and a weight tracker.

7. Baby2Body Pregnancy App

For many women, it’s important to maintain their health and fitness while they’re pregnant. Fortunately, Baby2Body works for pre-natal and post-natal health! You can choose workouts tailored to you that offer recipes, podcasts and plenty of breathing exercises. Those also make a great preparation for contractions.

What Is the Best Pregnancy App for a Husband or Partner?

There are plenty of ways for a dad-to-be to get in on the app action, too! Whether they’re looking for hilarious tips or want to track contractions, the following pregnancy apps for dads are perfect. All of them are available for both Android and Apple devices.

8. Daddy Up Pregnancy App

This fun app is as funny as it is informative, and soon-to-be-dads will love it as they have a tool to become a real active part of the pregnancy! A daddy checklist and the contraction timer will be sure to help all the dad’s down the road! You may even want to share this with other dads on a family app.

9. What to Expect Pregnancy and Baby Tracker

When it comes to pregnancy tracker apps, few are as well as this one! Simply enter in your due date and you’ll get a daily and week-by-week guide to what’s coming up. This free pregnancy app for Android and iPhone also offers doctor-approved expert tips and parenting articles. Dads can even join with others for an online support group!

10. Hello Belly Pregnancy Tracker

If you’re looking for the best pregnancy apps for iPhone to keep things light-hearted, Hello Belly might be for you. While you may not want to rely on it for medical information, it’s perfect for relatable tips and funny illustrations. If you need a little laugh during your pregnancy, this app will surely make your day!

Are Pregnancy Apps Sharing Your Intimate Data?

Pregnancy apps for couples can be a fun, social way to help you with your baby bump. But, are these apps posing a problem for privacy? In fact, the Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is an example of an app that does.

According to The Washington Post, Ovia Health offered a program where employers could pay to offer employees the app. However, the employers could access the data that was being shared by their employee. While this doesn’t mean your data is being used by every app out there, it’s important to be aware.

A free app may be profiting off you of you using it in some other way. As a result, do the research beforehand and read about your chosen app’s privacy policies.

There’s an awful lot of expectation that goes along with being pregnant. And, lucky for you, there’s more resources than ever for expectant moms! Whether you want a timeline or simply some medical advice, an app out there will suit your needs. Do you have some favorite pregnancy apps? Share them with soon-to-be mothers in our comments! There may be a lot to do and know, but a tracking app can really simplify things.

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