The Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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That’s right… Halloween costumes for dogs. Whether you clicked this article out of curiosity or you really are interested in some of the best dog Halloween costumes, we’ve got plenty of content to keep you entertained.

Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Halloween isn’t just about the kids, candy, and scares– It’s about the whole family. And if you have a fuzzy canine friend in the family, check out these creative pet costume ideas, so you don’t miss out on your most exciting Halloween yet! Even if you don’t have a cuddly pup at home, is there anything better than Halloween costumes for dogs? Read on for some of our favorite costumes!

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Bob Ross

Have you ever seen a more wholesome picture in your entire life? Taking the world’s most graceful television star and putting his outfit on the friendliest of companions– name a better idea, I’ll wait. This dog Halloween costume is both original and simple to create, making it one of our favorites on the list. Bob Ross brought joy to the masses, and your Dog-Bob is sure to do the same. You’ll need a curly wig, an old button-down shirt, and a cardboard palette fastened to the collar. The paintbrush is optional, but you’ll probably have to hold it. “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” – Bob Ross.

photo courtesy of @finleythegoldfloof


Burrito-Dog… sort of like the classic “hot-dog” dog, but different. While this dog costume might not be very practical for bigger dogs, it certainly works well for smaller ones. You’ll need some tin foil and a few sheets of felt (depending on what ingredients you include). If you’re planning on walking around the block with the whole family during this year’s trick-or-treating, Burrito-Dog is the perfect costume for those easily tuckered-out pups. Just wrap them in some tin foil and put them in a stroller. You might get some looks, but as soon as everyone sees what’s inside, you’ll be the talk of the neighborhood. Who doesn’t love a good burrito?

photo courtesy of @itsasmallterworld

UPS Delivery Dog

With most of today’s purchases happening online, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing that big UPS truck pull into the driveway. We don’t always know the UPS delivery person, but we do know they’ve traveled far to deliver our long-awaited goods to our doors. That’s all that matters. And if that doesn’t bring a smile to your face, then I don’t know what could. Get the idea? This Halloween, dress your dog up in costume as the good guy. There’s enough evil in the world already. Bring some joy to the neighborhood with a UPS Delivery Dog!

Everything Beagle

If you’re the proud owner of a beagle, you’ve just found the greatest costume idea in existence. Ever. You can tell by the look on his face that this beagle agrees. Besides, what could be better than dogs dressed up as food? A cardboard circle cut from an old box paired with a cream-cheese container (empty) is all you need to bring this costume to life. If you’ve got a sharpie and some markers, you can draw the seasoning on this dog costume for some extra flavor.

photo courtesy of @gordiehowl_

Carole Baskin

Did she do it? This little dog surely didn’t. Look at those eyes. This is the perfect pop-culture costume reference for your dog from last year. It hearkens back to a stranger time during the global pandemic, where we were all stuck inside and addicted to a TV series that strongly implied that an animal print-wearing “tiger sanctuary” owner killed her husband and fed him to the tigers. What even is 2020?

photo courtesy of: @birddogcreative

“Cousin Itt”

He’s creepy, and he’s kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky. While “Cousin Itt” always had a new profession in the works, we’re pretty sure this guy’s primary job is being a good boy. This pet costume could be replicated with a black felt bowler hat, black sunglasses, and long, yellow/tan/cream yarn. When people come to see ’em, he’ll really be a screa-um.

photo courtesy of @hamiltonbarkley


Low-key, these little creatures were the most underrated heroes of the entire Star Wars Saga. They’re bold, sneaky, loyal and adorable. Not only will they defend the good guys from the invading evil empire, but they’ll certainly protect you from invading candy thieves this Halloween. How can you get one of these fluffy creatures? Easy. Throw an Ewok costume on your puppy and no one will know the difference. Don’t be surprised when the bad guys are running for the hills!

photo courtesy of @duckysdoings

Noel from The Great British Bark-Off

“On your mark, get set BaaAake!” This guy is sure to get ALL the treats this year. Particularly the ones with jam. Or scones, biscuits, sponge cakes, all of them will be simply lovely. With this costume, your little guy will prove to the whole neighborhood that he’s the true star.

photo courtesy of @brightlythewirefox


More than just a garden decoration, gnomes are mythological creatures that originated from Renaissance folklore. They were thought to be lucky and to bring protection to those who found them. While inanimate knee-high statues of these gnomes probably won’t do much protecting, you can bring these creatures to life this Halloween. For this costume, you’ll need a tiny blue sweater, a pointy red hat, and your adorable and willing pet dog. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble across some good luck, too!

photo courtesy of @arnedoodle

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo

These two pups certainly have no “‘splaining” to do because their dog costume says it all! If you have a dog who always seems to be getting into some wild shenanigans or even a serial snooper– this may just be the perfect outfit. While @thegoldensrule went all out on their costume, this could be replicated with a couple of outfit pieces representing the iconic I Love Lucy pair. A curly red wig, navy blue polka dot shirt/dress, faux pearls, or a red/blue polka-dot bow would all pay homage to the fiery-haired Lucy Ricardo. A black suit (or if you’re willing to put your dog in a tuxedo, who are we to stop you?), bow-tie, white button-down, or straw fedora or boater hat would pay tribute to her crooning Cuban partner-in-crime, Ricky Ricardo. Bonus points if you can somehow incorporate the Conga drum.

photo courtesy of @thegoldensrule

This adorable outfit is definitely “good enough for me.” A blue hoodie with foam eyeballs attached makes this ensemble one that the whole family will love, especially the little ones! Can’t find a hoodie? A blue tee-shirt or sweater will work just as well, just make a separate headpiece for the eyes. A cookie squeaky toy or even a plush cookie completes the outfit. So cute we could just eat him up! Okay, maybe we just want the cookies.

photo courtesy of @mrangusscottie


Sushi? Yes, please! Your dog will be ROLLING through the neighborhood in style with this delectable outfit. This costume can potentially be pulled together from things you have around the house so you can customize it as your favorite kind! A towel or blanket could be used as the “rice” and add pops of color to be different kinds of vegetables and fish, all tied together with a black strap.

photo courtesy of @fitz_no_tantrums

Little Red

Even though Edna Mode told us “NO CAPES,” we easily will make an exception for this adorable Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume. If this little girl made it all the way to grandma’s house before eating the food in the basket, we’d be surprised. But we wouldn’t blame her. While this cape looks pretty professional, you could easily make your own out of an old red t-shirt or Christmas tree skirt.

photo courtesy of @loki_thebasenji

Other Halloween Costumes for Dogs:

  • Triceratops
  • Alien from Toy Story
  • Cleo-pet-ra
  • Bat
  • Fire Station Dog
  • Aviator
  • Chia pet
  • Cat costume for your dog
  • Hot dog
  • Oscar the Grouch
  • Elf
  • Beanie Baby
  • Waldo
  • Unicorn
  • Scooby-Doo (Or Scrappy Doo)
  • Star Wars At-At, R2-D2, Darth Vader, Porg . . . basically anybody from Star Wars
  • Werewolf
  • Classic Pumpkin
  • Wonderwoman, Batman, Spiderman, Superman, or just choose your favorite Superhero pooch costume

Halloween Costumes for the Whole family

If you decide to make trick-or-treating this Halloween an event for the family, then why not make it for the WHOLE family? Bringing the pupper along in costume will make you a hit with the neighbors. If you have a dog like mine who is convinced every person who approaches the front door is an enemy of the state, then bringing him or her along may prevent some anxiety and it would be some good exercise!

Listen, I’m not saying the kids aren’t adorable enough, because I’m sure they are. All I’m saying is sometimes people will be a little bit more free-giving with their better candy if they appreciate your commitment to adding a little more cuteness to the spooky holiday. And dressing up your dog is definitely a commitment. Go you.

Looking for a group Halloween costume? Check out our list of ideas!

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