The Best Halloween Costumes for Kids

halloween costumes for kids

Halloween is the best time of year for many toddlers, kids, and parents! Parties, candy, and fun galore make October 31st a day many families look forward to all year long. And Halloween costumes for kids add an extra element of excitement!

Choosing the perfect Halloween costume is no small feat. Should you choose a witch? A superhero? A princess? A favorite Disney character? Wear a fancy dress? Be a dinosaur? Go for scary costumes? With some creative thinking, you may find that your child already has the perfect trick-or-treating outfit at home. Finding the perfect kids costume for trick-or-treating is serious business.

Read on for some of the best Halloween costumes for kids!

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Classic Halloween Costumes for Kids

Some costumes are always in style. A classic kids Halloween costume is a great choice for a finicky child or whose favorite Superhero or Princess changes by the day. A classic kids Halloween costume will stand the test of time and can be worn over the years by different children, so it’s a great budget-conscious choice as well.

Witch: Witches can be scary or sweet Halloween costumes. For a child who wants a scary costume, go head-to-toe black. You may even be able to piece a costume together with clothing items from home. Add a broom and some green face paint, and your kid’s Halloween costume is ready! Don’t forget that there are good witches too. A good witch can be inspired by Glinda from The Wizard of Oz by wearing a sparkly dress and Tierra.

Pirate: Ahoy matey! Pirates are always ready for sailing the high seas or a night of trick-or-treating. Pirate costume ideas include a torn t-shirt with an eye patch and old jeans for an easy-to-make hook using tin foil.

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More Favorites

Ninja: Halloween night is the perfect time for small Ninjas to trick-or-treat and snag lots of candy. Dress in an all-black outfit and tie a piece of fabric around your little one’s forehead. Swords are a great addition but keep in mind that toddlers and other young children will not want to carry accessories for very long!

Cheerleader: This Halloween costume is easy to put together! Grab somepom-poms or make some out of shredded newspaper. Put on a bodysuit or leotard and tutu, your child probably already owns. Add some pig-tales, and you have a great homemade Halloween costume.

Spooky: Spooky costumes probably aren’t the best choice for young kiddos, but they are classic Halloween costumes for older kids and teens! Go for a vampire, zombie, or ghost for a classic look on Halloween night.

Dinosaur: Dinosaur costumes are a classic choice for kids costumes. No parade of Halloween costumes would be complete without at least one inflatable, giant one-piece T-Rex. However, your Halloween costume does not need to be so elaborate. A dinosaur mask with brown or green pajamas is just as fun for kids on Halloween!

Trendy Halloween Costumes for Kids

You may want to stand out on Halloween and have a trendy costume. That way, you won’t blend into a parade of little girls all dressed as mermaids. Check out sites like Spirit Halloween for the most up-to-date Halloween trends for kids and adults.

Disney: Anything Disney is always in style for Halloween trick-or-treaters! These costumes are so popular that if you ask around, you may be able to borrow a dress belonging to your child’s favorite princess or find one used. Disney Halloween costumes have been popular for decades, so if you are lucky, you can find a vintage outfit to wear on Halloween.

Video Game Characters: Whether you prefer Fortnite or have a favorite character from Mario Carts, a trendy video game-inspired costume is always a cute idea.

Superhero: There is always a new superhero movie being released. That means there is always a trendy superhero costume to wear on Halloween night! Whether the latest Batman movie is making waves or you want to go into the Spider-Verse with Spider-Man, there is always a great superhero Halloween costume idea just waiting to be found.

Family Halloween Costumes

Star Wars: Star Wars characters are always in style for little ones and their parents! This makes Star Wars a great choice for families who like to dress up together. Go with the more recent Mandalorian or have a throw-back to the original 1970s Princess Leia.

Incredibles: The adorable family of Incredibles makes the cutest family costume. Because the Incredibles family includes Baby Jack-Jack, it’s an excellent choice for anyone searching for baby costumes beyond the pumpkin onesie. There are also great toddler costumes and teen ideas!

Circus: Send in the clowns! The great thing about dressing up a traveling circus troupe on Halloween is that everyone in the family can choose their own direction. That means that one family member can be a clown in a simple clown costume while another puts on a lion costume. Give a toddler a light-up glowstick for an instant lion tamer.  Whimsy is encouraged so your circus can feature a tightrope walking fairy or a unicorn performing tricks. Another family member can wear a headband or top hat to be the Ringleader for the Halloween Circus!

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween doesn’t have to involve a lot of preparation. Trick-or-treaters in simple costumes sometimes have more fun than the child in an elaborate mermaid costume who has difficulty walking. Here are some quick Halloween costume ideas for kids of all ages.

Pokemon: Dress as a pokemon trainer. This costume requires nothing more than jeans and a baseball cap for kids to have a fun and trendy costume. Create a Poké ball out of tinfoil or cardboard, and you can be ready for Halloween in less than 15 minutes. No mask needed!

Glow: Put on a black shirt and black pants. Then, grab some glow-in-the-dark sticks from Party City and tape the glowsticks to your clothing. You will then have an adorable, inexpensive costume. Tape a glow-stick to your forehead or black hat to transform into a glow-in-the-dark unicorn.

Fancy Dress: An easy kids costume for Halloween is simply putting your child in their fanciest clothes. Dig deep into the back of your kid’s closet for costume ideas. Halloween is an excellent opportunity for your little one to wear that frilly dress or suit they needed for a wedding that you thought your kids would never wear again.

Peace Out: For around $20.00, you can dress an entire family up as hippies! Grab a Doddle Hog tie-dye kit and some old t-shirts. Spend a little time coming up with your favorite color combos, and you have a simple costume that you can wear next summer as well!

At-Home Fun: If you are staying at home, let your props do the work for you. An adorable talking pumpkin like Jabberin’ Jack will make all of the neighborhood kids laugh even if you can’t bring yourself to dress up.


However you celebrate Halloween, and no matter what your costume is, have fun! And don’t forget to share your favorite Halloween tips and photos with your loved ones on FamilyApp!

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