Best Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults of All Ages

There are plenty of ways to celebrate the Halloween holiday. Whether you’re looking for kids or couples costumes, Halloween costumes can make the day truly memorable!

With each new holiday, there are always a variety of seasonal options to try out. Whether it’s Thanksgiving side dishes or special Christmas gifts, new trends abound to make the upcoming season exciting once again. It’s no different when it comes to the year’s best Halloween costumes ideas. Instead of doing the same thing as last year, consider some ideas for how to make the holiday your own!

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What Are the Best Halloween Costumes for Kids?

Halloween can be a lot of fun for adults trying to come up with creative Halloween costume ideas. However, the best part as a parent can be finding the perfect outfit for your little one! There are a number of classic costumes to try out. When it comes to Halloween costumes for a baby, you DIY a costume or find one on Amazon and dress them as a pumpkin, unicorn, or even Elvis Presley! There are also plenty of animal options from lambs to chickens which work with face paint too!

Fortunately, there’s a lot more versatility when it comes to Halloween costumes for kids. Given the popularity of Wonder Woman, this superhero outfit can be perfect for your toddler. Orphan Annie may also have your daughter gladly sporting a red wig and a matching dress. For boys, Spiderman is popular every year or a character from Harry Potter.

What Are the Best Halloween Costumes for Couples?

There are plenty of fun Halloween costumes for women from comic character Harley Quinn to a Mad Hatter or mermaid. But, Halloween costumes for couples can also offer up a lot of great ideas! You may want to try dressing up as Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible to pay homage to the popular superhero couple.

Surprisingly, the classic children’s book Where’s Waldo? is also a great place to draw inspiration from. You and your significant other will be immediately recognizable as Waldo and Wenda, and it’s an easy costume too! You may also want to go as a classic Disney couple like Aladdin and Jasmine or Gaston and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. However, if you want to pay homage to classic film, there are a few iconic ones to try. Ilsa and Rick from Casablanca are one of the screen’s most sizzling couples, and easy to dress up as.

What Are the Best Halloween Events in the United States?

Throwing your own Halloween party can be some of the best season-inspired fun you’ll have! Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to celebrate in the United States. SeaWorld has its own Halloween Spooktacular in Orlando, Texas, and California, where kids can celebrate the holiday. There is plenty of trick or treating, face painting, and famous costumed characters to see! At Disneyland, Halloween Screams is a fireworks display hosted by Jack Skellington and featuring many Disney villains. Universal Studios in California puts on Halloween Horror Nights which has haunted houses and scare zones perfect for teenagers. Busch Gardens hosts “Hall-O-Scream” events for everyone throughout October.

For those who love to dress up but don’t like the emphasis on scary things, many churches and schools host Halloween alternatives like a Trunk-or-Treat, storybook character parade, or fall festival. That way, they can still enjoy the seasonal festivities without fear of scary things.

Whether you are close to one of these destinations or not, there’s will probably be a Halloween event nearby. Whether a haunted mansion, ghostly haunts tour or even a general harvest party, head to the Halloween store or Halloween costumes website to find the perfect outfit!

It’s easy to leave trick-or-treating to kids, but Halloween can be fun no matter what age you are! If you have some great Halloween costumes ideas for kids and couples, let us know on FamilyApp. Whether you choose a superhero or classic character, the right costume can go a long way to enjoying the Halloween holiday.

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