05 March 2021 (updated)

The Best Christmas Costumes for Your Dog

Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means... it's time to start shopping for those holiday dog costumes. Mr. Snuggles might've looked pretty darn cute last year, but that's all the more reason to go the extra mile this year. Whether you've got a Pug, a Long-Haired Dalmatian, or anything in between, we've got some wonderful Christmas costumes for your dog to keep your furry friends looking fashionable.

Reindeer Christmas Costume for Your Dog

It doesn't get more simple than this one... everyone looks a little snazzier with a pair of reindeer horns. They're cheap, easy and fun, and if you've got a dog who really hates costumes, this is a great option to keep everyone satisfied. Or, if you can swing it, double-down on the full reindeer onesie. Your dog might not have a red nose, but even Rudolph himself would be fooled by your pet reindeer! (Photos by @fitztheminidood and @johnb_london)

Santa Claus Christmas Costume

What is the most iconic thing you could possibly dress up as for Christmas day? Easy... Santa Dog. If no one in the family has claimed this jolly gift-giver already, be sure to get your dog in on the action with this timeless costume idea. All you'll need is a red and white robe and a red Santa hat if your dog is willing. You can't go wrong, and we're pretty sure everyone will get the right idea.

Christmas Star Costume for Small Dogs

What's the best part of every Christmas tree? The star! Let's be real... the family pup is the star of every family. This holiday season, let everyone know how much your dogs mean to you by sprucing them up with this glittery dog costume sweater.

Bowtie Elf Costume

You saw it coming. How's Santa supposed to leave all those Christmas presents under the tree this year without the help of his elves? If your dog isn't up for the whole onesie, a simple elf hat and bowtie combo is plenty enough to make a statement. This Christmas costume for your dog is sure to turn some heads!

Dog Costume or Neon Zebra?

If Christmas costumes don't quite fit your dog's vibe, spice things up a little with a neon-zebra onesie. The holiday cheer doesn't always look like red and green, so step out of the box and get creative if your pup has some sass! This dog costume looks great any month of the year, so hold onto it for an extra sassy Halloween, too.

Gingerbread Man Costume

You'll never catch him... he's the gingerbread man! This Christmas, let your dog truly run wild like they were always meant to do. No one will think anything of it since no one can truly catch the gingerbread man, so your conscience will be clean! Kidding. But if you're looking for a cute and easy dog costume, the gingerbread man outfit just might be your best bet.

Cookie Chef Costume for the Holidays

While Santa might need help with all those presents, he probably won't stay very long without a plate of delicious cookies. This year, get some extra paws in the kitchen with this adorable apron and bow costume combo. It's cute, it's easy, and it'll make you double down on those holiday cookies.

Christmas Tree Costume

Maybe you can't afford the time or space for a Christmas tree this year, or maybe you're looking for a way to squeeze one more Christmas tree into the house. Either way, this Christmas tree costume is the perfect solution. There will be holiday cheer trotting through the halls in no time!

The "Cheery Dad" Costume

Everyone loves a good winter toboggan. Throw in a holiday sweater and even Chevy Chase will be taking notes on this Christmas dog costume! Not only is this pet costume adorable, but it's sure to keep your dog feeling warm and cozy when the weather gets mean.

Christmas Morning Dog Costume

Donuts, hot coffee, and a nice warm robe... everything you need to start your Christmas morning off right. Why not get your dog involved by dressing him up, too? Make sure the whole family is feeling relaxed and energized with this Christmas morning costume.

Classic Christmas Sweater/Pajama Costume for Dogs

The most timeless outfit of all time... the Christmas sweater/pajamas. These fashionable dog costumes speak for themselves. There are endless cheery patterns to browse from, so make sure you pick a Christmas sweater or pajama set that fits your dog perfectly. You don't need collars or a hoodie to get into the holiday spirit, so let these warmly knitted dog costumes do the work for you. (photos by @duderandroxie & @donosews)

Christmas Princess Costume

If you're just not quite sure what pet costume to dress your dog up with, you can always mix and match to get the most out of you and your pet's experience. Grab some ornaments, antlers, and a green tutu and get creative-- your pup might end up looking like a true Christmas Princess!

With all the craziness that surrounds the winter holidays, bring some extra joy and fun into the house with a few of these fun Christmas costumes for your dog. Pet costumes are usually cheap and easy, so try making one of you're own if you're feeling creative! Let us know if we missed any other great Christmas costumes for your dog, and share your best Christmas dog ideas in the comments or on your favorite family app!

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