12+ Ideas for Adorable Homemade Valentines!

homemade valentines

It’s almost that time of year! Get ready for ALL the Valentine’s Day festivities! If you’re looking for some creative ideas for homemade Valentines, look no further! Check out these DIY valentines that everyone will love. 

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kids making valentines

I Dig You

When you were a kid, did you enjoy playing in sand, dirt, or anything in which you could stick a plastic shovel? I spent a lot of time playing outside, so it was one of my favorite activities. This homemade valentine reminds me of those good old days. Start with empty cellophane/plastic treat bags, and fill them with “dirt,” a.k.a. Hershey’s chocolate drops. Then, add a few gummy worms and a toy shovel ($15.99 for 28 on Amazon). Tie the top of the bag around the shovel. Add a heart-shaped tag that says, “I dig you.”

Lollipop Flower Heart Homemade Valentines

Cut out pink, purple, or whatever color hearts you want. Attach the hearts to the plastic on the top of a flat lollipop. Cut some leaves out of green construction paper and tape them to the stems. 

Flower Power

Attach layered tissue paper flowers to dum-dums, with the lollipop as the center of the flower.

Let’s Get Crafty!

Let’s hit the craft closet and use our creativity to make some homemade valentines!

homemade valentine

An Unexpected Stamp! 

Use an empty toilet paper roll and crease once to form it into a heart shape. Dip it in tempera paint and use it as a heart stamp on blank construction paper or a blank notecard!

These Homemade Valentines Are a Hoot!

A red heart for the body, an upside-down red heart for the head, a pink heart cut in half for wings, tiny pink, upside-down pink hearts for feet, and a tiny pink heart for a beak! Don’t forget some googly eyes! On the owl, write, “Owl be yours if you’ll be mine, “You’re a hoot,” or “I’ll owl-ways love you.”

I Pom-pom-ise You’ll Like This One

Find a printable outline of sheep, glue colorful pom-poms on the body, then write “wooly be my valentine” as the message!

Alternatives to Sweet Treats

Valentine’s Day is a big holiday for candy, but so are Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. Since the kiddos will be getting plenty of other candy (whether that’s from school or the leftover Christmas treats),

 An “A-doh-rable” Idea

A container of play-doh is an excellent alternative to all that candy! Attach it to a printable card that says, “Valentine, I think you’re a-doh-rable! 

For Friends Who Fidget

Kids have had a tough year. Between remote learning and the anxiety of in-person learning in a pandemic, nothing has seemed “normal.” Fidget toys can be a helpful and cheap way to help them self-soothe with tactile stimulation. And, these affordable fidget toys are available on Amazon. Attach them to a cute printable valentine with a punny, sweet message!

T-Riffic Homemade Valentines!

Attach a mini dinosaur plushie to a card that says, “I think you’re dino-mite!” “I think you’re rawr-some!” or “You’re T-riffic!” Sometimes you can find mini dinosaur plush toys or even small plastic dinos at the Dollar Tree! 

More Less-Sweet Homemade Valentines 

  • Bundle 3-4 fun pencils, and have one skewer a paper heart that reads, “you’re “write” for me”
  • Glue some pink or red birthday candles to a blank card with the phrase “you light up my life”
  • Attach a small bulldog figurine/toy to a message that says “You are incredi-BULL” (we have lots of JMU fans around here, so this one would be a hit)
  • Attach Burt’s Bees lip balm to a message that says “BEE my Valentine”
  • Attach a package of microwave popcorn to a message that says, “You make my heart go POP!

“Owl” Always Love You

These origami owls are nothing short of adorable. Upside-down hearts make the perfect little wings, and your kiddos will love folding each one into the perfect shape. Don’t forget to include other puns like “Whoo’s the best?” and “You’re a Hoot!”

Punny for Your Thoughts

There’s nothing like a good laugh to brighten up someone’s day. Pick a theme, grab some white cardstock (or blank notecards), pull out the markers, and run with it. You can print out pictures of each item, or if your child is old enough, have them do a little doodle! My personal favorites are food puns: 

  • an olive–“OLIVE you”
  • a tomato– “I love you from my head TOMATOES”
  • a pizza slice– “You have a PIZZA my heart”
  • an artichoke– “I’m all CHOKED up over you”
  • a beet– “My heart BEETS for you”
  • a jar of jam– “You’re totally my JAM” 
  • a donut– “I DONUT know what I’d do without you” 
  • a pear– “We make a great PEAR”
  • an apple– “You’re the APPLE of my eye” 
  • beans– “I love you with every FIBER of my BEAN”
  • a waffle– “I love you a WAFFLE lot!”
  • peanuts– “I’m NUTS for you”
  • peas– “PEAS be mine”
  • bananas– “I’m BANANAS about you”
  • a strawberry– “I love you BERRY much”
  • a bubblegum machine– “Won’t CHEW be mine?”

Ready to Make Some Homemade Valentines?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to spread love and share a fun treat with friends! This year, we need to share some extra kindness with each other. Whether it’s a simple message to classmates, a heartfelt message to a sweetheart on a homemade card, or a crafty card for your kiddos, we hope you feel inspired by these card ideas. Which one is your favorite?  

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