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Whether you’re making Christmas cookies or a birthday cake, kid baking can be fun! Plus, it can teach your child a lot of life skills, from math to following instructions.

Whether it’s a chocolate chip cookie, zucchini loaf, or macaroni and cheese, kids love getting involved in the kitchen. But, when cooking gets intense it can be hard to keep your little ones from getting into things! Fortunately, kid baking recipes can actually be great for their self-confidence. By learning about math, organization, and sharing, you and your kids will have to work together to make the end result succeed.

How does baking help children’s development?

Getting your kids involved in the fun of baking can be about more than just a cookie! Most of us take basic math for granted, but following a recipe can help kids develop their math skills. They’ll also get to practice reading, following a recipe and working together. And, when kids make their own food, they’re more open to trying new things! Luckily, if your little tikes don’t get along, kid baking can also help to remedy this. Whether it’s your son or daughter, they’ll have to work together to ensure the recipe is followed. If they really enjoy it, you may even want to consider kid baking classes in the future.

kid baking funWhat are some kid baking tips?

There are many ways to approach kid baking to get the most out of it. With the following easy tips, you can create your own yummy treats instead of heading to the bakery!

  • Be Prepared – Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure you have all your ingredients and supplies. This includes any bowls, measuring cups and spoons. Kids can be easily distracted, so making this activity flow will keep them engaged.
  • Read the Recipe – All recipes are not made equal, so read the recipe out loud beforehand so you can follow it together. This will keep your kids part of the process. It will also ensure that there are no unexpected hiccups along the way.
  • Give them a Task – It’s easy to want to take the lead when baking with the kids. But, it’s important to give them a duty they can feel good about it! If you’re baking with two kids, let one use the microwave and the other stir. It will enable them to be responsible and they may learn something new!
  • Choose a Simple Recipe – A difficult recipe isn’t the place to start when you’re baking with kids. Instead, choose a pastry or dessert like chocolate cake or an oatmeal cookie. You may even want to start them off with a kid baking set that’s specially made for small hands.
  • Don’t Worry about the Mess – Many cooks take pride in keeping the kitchen clean from start to finish. However, this probably won’t happen with your little ones! While you can encourage tidiness, don’t fret if things don’t go quite as planned.

toddler bakingWhat can I bake with a toddler?

There are plenty of fun kid baking ideas. Sweet treats can be a good place to start to keep them watching the oven!

  • Sweet Potato Mini Muffins – When it comes to muffins, a mini one is even more enticing than a regular-sized muffin. These are tasty in any size! With standard baking ingredients like brown sugar, flour, and butter, this one even adds sweet potato for a healthy twist.
  • Apple Bread – Keeping the fruit in your food is good for kids. Luckily, this sweet, doughy treat will inspire your kids to get their hands dirty. They’ll love mixing brown sugar, apples and lemon zest with their hands for a kid baking treat.
  • Big Chocolate Chip Cookie – There’s nothing most kids like more than a chocolate chip cookie. This BIG cookie makes for even more fun! Your kids will love pressing it onto the baking sheet, and it will provide a perfect opportunity for sharing too.

Do you have some favorite recipes for kid baking time? Let us know on FamilyApp! While they’ll have fun stirring and mixing, there’s a good chance they’ll learn important life skills too.

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