Three Cheers for Coaches: 25+ Creative Coach Gift Ideas

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Looking for a coach gift for the end of the season or a birthday? Check out these coach gift ideas, so they’re sure to feel loved and appreciated.

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Why We Appreciate Our Coaches

Coaches work hard to make sure our kids play the best they can. It’s no easy task. Whether it’s 6-year-olds on a soccer team or varsity basketball players, maintaining the discipline of that many rowdy youngsters is certainly a feat of its own.

That’s why a gift is a wonderful way to show appreciation to your kids’ coaches. Whether you want to pitch in with some other parents for a larger gift or purchase something smaller, here are some gift ideas that your athlete’s coach is sure to love.

Customizable Coach Gift Ideas

  1. Custom Engraved Whistle. Every coach needs a good whistle. And you really can’t have too many. With a personalized, engraved whistle, they’re sure to appreciate it every time they’re running those drills.
  2. Coffee Mug, Beer Glass, or Stemless Wine Tumbler. No matter what your coach’s beverage of choice, they’re sure to be sipping in style out of a nice new container. You could get it customized or engraved with their name, too!
  3. License Plate Frame. If the cheer coach is large and in charge, this license plate frame is perfect. “Have no fear; the cheerleading coach is here!”
  4. Personalized Water Bottle. With all those hours spent on the field or the court, staying hydrated is essential! Choose a high-quality water bottle that will stay cold or hot for hours. This is a gift that they can use any day, game, or no game!
  5. Custom Ball. Whether it’s a soccer ball, volleyball, football, or baseball, or basketball, having their own custom equipment will make them feel like the coolest coach on the block. They may not bring it to practice, but they’ll probably enjoy using it in their spare time or keeping it on display in their office.

Services and Experiences You Can Gift Coaches

  1. Audiobook/Subscription Service. Hear me out on this gift. Coaches spend a lot of time traveling to and from practice. And they may not always live super close to practice. That’s why a subscription service to an audiobook service or music streaming platform could be a great gift. Whether they prefer to dive into a good book or start jamming to some great tunes, their drive to and from practice will never be the same.
  2. Lawn Care or Car Detailing Service. Their time can often be booked by practice in the evenings. They may not have time for much else. They’d probably love it!
  3. Spa Treatment or Massage. All that high-stress on the field deserves some self-care! Their masseuse will surely find some knots that need working out.
  4. Gift Cards. Coaches often pay for a lot of things out of their own pocket. A gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods or their favorite sporting goods store is a thoughtful gift, and it will make sure they’re not spending their own money on team supplies. You could also get a gift card for their favorite restaurant, GrubHub, or even Top Golf!
  5. Tickets to a Game. This may take some coordination because you need to make sure that they’re available on the game day. You could also get them a StubHub gift card so they can choose their own game to fit their schedule!

the “Boogie Board Blackboard Coach’s Edition”

Small Items for Coach Gift Ideas

  1. Athletic Tape Kit. Whether it’s a small injury, sprain, or keeping ice packs in place, athletic tape is a must for all coaches.
  2. Kinesiology Tape. This therapeutic tape is applied strategically to the body to provide support, reduce swelling and pain, and improve performance. Physical therapists typically use it, but you’ll often see it on the athletic field. This gift is super practical and will be the perfect addition to any coach’s bag.
  3. Wrist Playbook (football). For the football coach who’s on the go, a wrist playbook is perfect for keeping those plays conveniently on hand…or, er…arm.
  4. Coach’s Clipboard. Explaining the plays to kids can be no easy task, but with a dry-erase clipboard, it just got a lot easier. You can find these handy clipboards for all different kinds of sports! If your coach likes to be a little more high-tech, check out this paperless tablet that they can scan with their phone to save their important notes and plays. Templates include soccer, basketball, baseball, and football.
  5. Novelty Tennis Vibration Dampeners (tennis coach). Your coach will love these little gems that help absorb shock on their racket! They come in plenty of cute and funny shapes, all of which will help your tennis coach express their unique style and flair.

For the Coach’s Office

  1. Framed Picture Keepsake. This is a classic idea. For a team gift with a personalized touch, put a photo in a frame with all the player’s names signed. They come in plenty of sizes and styles. This is the perfect coach gift so they can cherish all the season’s memories.
  2. Custom Bobblehead.  Plenty of famous sports stars have their own personalized bobblehead figurines. Your coach is a star, so why not them? They’ll love the personal touch for their office decor!
  3. Coasters. If you’re looking for a football coach gift for the coach who has it all, check out these yard line turf coasters. They’re a great conversation piece for any coach’s office or home.
  4. Wall Decor. Every coach’s office needs some swag. For the classy basketball coach, check out this vintage basketball court poster.For a volleyball coach, check out this fun customizable wall clock. If your cheer coach has a sense of humor, this metal sign threatening cuts from the squad will be sure to give them a chuckle. If your hockey coach’s office could use some decor, check out these cool hockey gear patent posters.

Large Items for Coach Gift Ideas

  1. Rolling Beverage Cooler. Having a cold drink on a hot day, especially on long game days, can make all the difference. Look into brands like Yeti if you’re looking for a higher-end gift, or Igloo has plenty of options with wheels in a moderate price range.
  2. Pair of Slick Shades. Spending those long days out on the sidelines can’t be easy! Coaches need all the sun protection they can get. Get them a good pair of sunnies so they can look stylish while coaching those kiddos.
  3. Heavy-Duty Raincoat. Lots of practices and games are rain or shine– so look into a nice raincoat brand that will keep them nice and dry on drizzly days. My favorite brand is Patagonia–but you can find plenty of other quality brands like Colombia, The North Face, and Obermeyer.
  4. Ball Bucket Bag (baseball). If your baseball coach or softball coach doesn’t have one of these, they definitely need one. They can condense all their practice or game day essentials into one convenient pack. Its 6-gallon bucket to store baseballs and softballs includes storage panels for scorecards, pens, and water bottles. And, it has an adjustable strap for easy carrying!
  5. Camp Chair for the Sidelines. Coaches do a lot of standing, no matter what sport. So why not treat their feet to some rest? Pitch in for a high-quality camp chair that they can easily take to all their games or practices.
  6. Sports Paraphernalia. Find out your coach’s favorite professional or collegiate sports team. Most teams have merchandise galore — clothing, athletic gear, housewares, and all kinds of accessories! Whether it’s a T-shirt, keyring, mug, blanket, or jersey, they’ll love showing off their team spirit when they’re watching the next game!

Smells Like Team Spirit

No matter what gift you end up choosing, don’t forget to include a thoughtful card from you, your child, team parents, or other team members. Kind words of appreciation can make all the difference to someone who works hard to ensure athletes be the best they can be.

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