The Best Easy At-Home Workouts to Stay Fit

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What if you don’t have a fully equipped home gym to get a quality workout? What if I told you that you could get your heart rate up while feeling more toned and flexible with easy at-home workouts?

These top easy at-home workouts are all designed to fit into your busy lifestyle and keep you safe at home, all while still breaking a sweat.

Total Body Easy At-Home Workouts


For over ten years, fitness guru Cassey Ho has been using her YouTube channel to bring workouts to your home. Blogilates is your one-stop shop for guided and expert workout routines with a virtual personal trainer. A certified Pilates and fitness instructor, Cassey teaches you everything she knows on screen. Her upbeat attitude and verbal encouragements make the video classes feel personal, even though they’re prerecorded. Her videos feature herself on screen, demonstrating each exercise as she walks you through each step of the workout.

Most of her workouts center around bodyweight, so they don’t require any additional equipment other than a yoga mat for comfort. Try her challenge videos, full-body strength training, or cardio high-intensity interval training (HIIT) plans. Many include squats, muscle work, planks, and even dance-based moves. She truly has something for everyone at every fitness level! With hundreds of videos to choose from, you’ll surely find a workout that fits your lifestyle.

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Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is another popular account known for ab challenges that promise toned abs in two weeks. Although I can’t vouch for results that quickly, I will say that Chloe Ting’s workouts are great for targeting your abs. This two-week ab workout challenge is a short workout plan that feels manageable, even for fitness-newbies. She’s designed this workout to target your abs and help you lose weight. The best part is that it’s equipment-free and only 10 minutes long!

Chloe demonstrates and describes each exercise as she guides you through the workout. She also provides virtual encouragement throughout the two-week program. Chloe also offers full body and HIIT workouts on her channel for a variety of fitness levels. Depending on your fitness goals, you can incorporate them into a weight training or weight loss program or use them on their own.

Low Impact Easy At-Home Workouts

Tone It Up

Are you looking to tone and sculpt a specific muscle group? Check out Tone It Up on YouTube! Known for their svelte and athletic physiques, creators Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott have created a fitness system that works to sculpt the body. You’ll find a wide range of workouts that work on toning using minimal equipment like light weights and resistance bands on their channel. You can even purchase these items from the Tone it Up collection available at Target! They also have an app where they release new workouts daily.

This yoga-inspired booty workout featuring yoga instructor Katrina is filmed in gorgeous Manhattan Beach. Katrina guides you through a 50-minute workout that works your core, arms, and shoulders while giving you a great stretch. All you need to follow along is a lighter and heavier set of dumbbells! This makes the workout easily customizable to your abilities and needs as well.

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Obe Fitness

This program promises to put the fun back in fitness! Obe Fitness offers live and on-demand virtual fitness classes with their unique subscription service. They offer various workouts, from Vinyasa yoga and low-impact barre to yoga sculpt and pilates. You’ll never be bored! They even offer prenatal and postnatal workouts for mamas.

For $27 a month or $199 annually, Obe offers incredible virtual workouts led by fitness experts. The service comes highly rated by Women’s Health, Vogue, and The Oprah Magazine. Join live to connect with the virtual community or watch a recording of the class. Either way, you’re sure to work up a sweat!

The Obe way is all about listening to your body and moving it every day. Feeling burnt out or sore? Try a low-impact barre or pilates class! Feeling like you need to sweat? Try a cardio boxing or HITT dance class! Their bounce classes are another favorite; just grab a personal trampoline for a fun way to get your cardio in.

HIIT Easy At-Home Workouts


Are you missing your in-person fitness classes? Pop-Sugar has many fitness class videos, from dance to high-intensity interval training, that can fill that void for you! This 30-minute Hip-Hop Tabata Class promises to torch calories without compromising on fun. Instructor Keaira LaShae leads a high-intensity HIIT dance class to a fun hip-hop soundtrack. She demonstrates the jump tucks and squats with an infectious energy that will surely get your heart pumping.

Pop-Sugar also has various at-home workouts and fitness classes to appeal to everyone, from beginners to life-long dancers. Most don’t require any additional equipment, and you can easily follow along from the comfort of your living room.

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Natacha Oceane

A popular fitness Youtuber, Natacha Oceane is known for her no-equipment at-home workout guides. Her 20-minute Home HITT  Workout is a great full-body fat burner. Natcha guides you through the circuit featuring key moves and demonstrating proper technique. This workout features these 5 moves:

  1. Side to side squats
  2. Explosive halo slam
  3. Single leg body saw crunch
  4. Alternating knee strikes
  5. Lateral bears + kneel-to-squat

She recommends repeating the circuit four times and finishing with a cooldown of light stretching. Her passion for fitness is clear and shows through in her videos, making her workout videos incredibly motivating. Natache even has her own workout program for purchase with a nutrition guide. She created the program with the help of leading British Olympic nutritionist Renee McGregor. Use Natacha’s Youtube videos as a starting point or purchase the complete program and guide for as low as $50! Either way, you’re sure to get killer workouts.

Favorite Easy At-Home Workouts

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