Top 10 Quit Smoking Apps for iOS and Android

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The New Year can be the time for a new lease on life. Try a quit smoking app to get your habit under control for an instantly healthier 2021!

Whether it’s losing weight or eating more vegetables, there are plenty of New Year’s resolutions being made in the next few weeks. So now might be an ideal time to quit smoking!

Giving up this habit can be a pretty difficult task. But with our tips and a quit smoking app for support, we’re sure you will succeed.

What’s the Best Quit Smoking App?

1. My Quit Coach

This Livestrong app allows you to choose how you’ll progress and see the rewards on your non-smoking journey. But what sets this quit smoking app apart is the community support you can access through social media. For many smokers, this can make all the difference to quit!  

2. Stop Smoking

For those who want to log their progress, this quit smoking app offers a diary so you can keep tabs each day. You can share your entries with other users for assistance and support! Or try the Stop Smoking app’s meditation sessions so you can reduce your stress and manage cravings.

quit smoking apps

3. Quit Tracker

For those who want to monitor all the gains of a smoke-free lifestyle, Quit Tracker is the ideal app! It will keep track of your money savings and health improvements so you can see what even a week will do. Share your goals on FamilyApp with other ‘quitters’!

4. Quit Smoking

Knowing that other ex-smokers have succeeded along the road, you’re traveling can make all the difference. That’s where the Quit Smoking app comes in handy! You’ll be able to access tips that will make giving up the habit within reach.

What Are the Best Apps to Quit Smoking for iPhone?

5. Smoke Free

We all know that giving up smoking isn’t easy. Fortunately, this free quit smoking app for iOS was created to make cessation as easy as possible for every individual smoker. It offers the option of ‘quit’ mode if you’re going cold turkey or ‘reduce’ mode if you’re cutting back. With plenty of tips, statistics, and achievements, Smoke Free can help you stay motivated!

6. Quit Genius

If you want to quit on your own terms, this unique app uses behavior modification know-how to help you succeed. Not only will it back up your cigarette cessation with health stats, but it will also provide tips for staying the course!    

quit smoking apps

7. EasyQuit

Whether you want to stay abreast of your blood circulation or oxygen intake, this quit smoking app allows you to. You can also get a customized plan for smoking withdrawal to improve your success rate. When the all-powerful craving hits, it even has memory games to get your mind off of cigarettes!

What Are the Best Quit Smoking Apps for Android?

8. My QuitBuddy

This Android app offers a full map of your body so you can see the improvements all over. While this might be too much for some, it can offer encouragement for those who want to see the results. Share your own results on your favorite family app!

9. QuitNow!

This smoking cessation app is one of the best out there to help you stay committed to your non-smoking goal. In addition to chalking up your achievements, it also provides a community that can support your endeavor. You’ll love the FAQ where you can find all sorts of health and non-smoking information!

10. Flamy

For those who want to dive in and stop smoking today, Flamy’s the quit smoking app you’re looking for. It features a 14-day challenge so you can smoke less each day and ‘remove’ cigarettes from your life in two weeks. You just need a little more effort to really kick the habit!

The Best Apps to Quit Smoking

Whether you’re making it a resolution for the New Year or you’re simply ready to give it up, quitting smoking is a difficult goal. From providing health stats to offering support, there are plenty of quit smoking apps out there that can make it easier!

Do you have any tips for quitting smoking? Share them with others in our comments. If you’ve tried other methods without success, perhaps a little technology will do the trick!

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