02 March 2021 (updated)

The 9 Best Recipe Apps to Organize Your Kitchen

Whether it’s eggplant parmesan or chicken cordon bleu, everyone has a favorite meal. Luckily, the following recipe apps will help you locate and use every recipe in your Rolodex!

It was once the case that finding the perfect recipe meant poring over all of your recipe books. Luckily, with technology at our fingertips, you can food share and share recipes without all of the work! Whether it’s recipe apps for Alexa or Google Home recipe apps, there’s a family app out there to help you.

What Are the Best Recipe Apps?

1. Yummly

With lots of great personalized food recommendations, meal planners, and tips for things to add to the grocery list, Yummly is a fantastic all-around recipe app, available for Android, iOS, and Apple devices. For just $4.99 a month, you can upgrade to Yummly Pro with exclusive recipes and tips from some fantastic chefs.

2. BigOven

BigOven's name pretty accurately describes this cooking app, which contains over 500,000 recipes! In addition to providing a meal planner, grocery list assistance so you know what new ingredients to buy, and lots of ideas for how to prepare your favorite dish, it also has a feature with ideas for how to use up leftovers. So if you need an all-in-one app, BigOven is a great choice.

3. Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Many people have moved their cookbooks aside in favor of the Allrecipes website to find great ingredients and ideas for their next meal, but did you know that Allrecipes has an app? Whether you're cooking a favorite family dish or experimenting with new ingredients and experimenting with recipes, the Dinner Spinner app, available for iOS and Apple devices, offers lots of great support and ideas for dinner!

4. Epicurious

Epicurious is another popular website with a fantastic cooking app. It has lots of recipe instructions and videos to help make your next recipe a success.

Which Recipe Apps Can Help Me Get Organized?

For those who want to consolidate their favorite recipes, the following apps can make for an easy update!

4. OrganizEat

Most people who love cooking have an extensive recipe collection that can be written on everything from loose-leaf to index cards. Luckily, this app available on iTunes simply requires the snap of a picture to integrate it into your collection! Instead of having multiple collections, consolidate all your old family recipes.

5. Eat Your Books

If you have a pretty serious collection of cookbooks, this recipe app's best feature is letting you do the choosing. Instead of having to flip through it, head for this app. All you have to do is search by ingredient to come up with your old favorites!

What Apps Let Me Share Recipes?

For many people, the joy of cooking is the final product. Luckily, the following recipe apps will allow you to share your discoveries with others on a family app!

6. BBC Good Food

With more than 10,000 recipes available for your cooking pleasure, this is one of the best free recipes apps around! You can save recipes you love for later and even share your new favorites with family and friends.

7. Green Kitchen

If you’re looking for recipe apps that will provide healthy eating options, you may want to try Green Kitchen. With an assortment of vegetarian options, it’s easy to stay on the straight and narrow. And, you’ll be able to keep your loved one’s health in check!

Which Recipe Apps Have Good Dinner Ideas?

The best thing about cooking can be finding a new favorite recipe. The following apps give you tons of options.

8. ChefTap

If you like to use sites like Pinterest, ChefTap is a great way to consolidate all of your online favorites. As one of the best recipe apps for Android, ChefTap will let you add recipes from numerous sites. While some apps have limitations, this one will allow you to add from almost anywhere!

9. Paprika

It may not be free, but this is one of the best recipe apps for Mac out there. You can easily snatch recipes from anywhere around the web and they’ll sync to the cloud for easy access. There’s even a shopping list feature to help you prepare!

Recipe apps can be a great way to organize dinner, but what about other family organization apps? Fortunately, there are secure options that can make everyday life a little easier! FamilyApp was created for sharing all of the fun family activities you can dream up! It’s also a communication platform that values your privacy. In addition to end-to-end encryption, this app does not trail users and prioritizes security. This also helps to keep your secret family recipes safe and there will be a new feature for sharing recipes via our family app, soon!

When it comes to a family app that can optimize your recipe collection, there are plenty of options out there. From the organizing capability of OrganizEat to all the recipes on BBC Good Food, there’s something for every purpose. Do you have a few recipe apps you swear by? Let us know in our comments. Whatever app you use, there are a few more reasons to get in the kitchen!

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