Work and Travel Program: Tips to Experience the World

Options for Work and Travel

Few things are more illuminating than seeing the world with fresh eyes! For those who want to take their work on the road, a remote work and travel program for a year can be the perfect opportunity.

Travel can be one of the best experiences a young person will have. But, there is a time for work and a time to play for most of us. Fortunately, when it comes to a travel adventure, you don’t need to sacrifice either to go out into the world! Instead of staying at home, consider a work and travel program to make your journeying dreams come true.

What’s a Work and Travel Program?

A work and travel program might seem like a pipe dream, but a year working remotely can be easier to achieve than you think! Instead of waiting until you’re older, consider applying for a working holiday visa and make money as you go.

If you’re between 18 and 30, you can easily get out and explore the world while working in a variety of different countries. You’ll have to be a resident of the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, or Korea to make this dream a reality. There are also several Western European and Scandinavian countries that take part in work and travel programs. Consider various requirements and travel stipulations pertaining to the country you’re going to. For example, if you’re bound for the UK, you’ll need to have £1,890 in your savings account, or about $2,450.

Which Work and Travel Agencies Can I Use for Work and Travel Program?

There are a variety of different agencies that will be happy to help you with your work and travel program. Interexchange is ideal for those who want to work and travel in the USA during their remote year. While it features working options for students, it’s also good for those who want to work as an au pair or even volunteer abroad.

Established in 2002, the Work + Travel Company offers options that will take you to work and travel in Australia. This organization also has its own placement agency so that the right job is at your fingertips. If you’re off to Canada or the United Kingdom, SWAP International provides the tools you’ll need to see your journey through.

What Are Your Work Options During a Work And Travel Program?

There are a number of different jobs available for those who are looking to work in the USA. In addition to many professional intern programs, you can also work as a camp counselor or an au pair. If you’re heading to Australia for work and travel, you’re in luck!  You’ll be guaranteed to earn minimum wage on your remote year.While jobs like fruit picking and packing fish are common, there are also opportunities like dog walking, gardening, and bartending. However, be aware that if you want to stretch your work and travel program into a second year, you’ll need to do specified work. This can include everything from working on farms and fisheries to construction and mining. Make sure your intentions are clear early on so you don’t miss out!

What To Take With You For Your Work And Travel Adventure

One of the best things to do before heading to a new country is to learn the local language, so practice vocabulary! You’ll want to be sure to keep any papers and important documents you need like your passport, identification, and insurance documentation in a safe place. Whether you decide to stow them in your suitcase or backpack is up to you, but pack wisely!

Make sure you also consider the weather. You won’t want to drag along designer duds you won’t end up wearing. Make sure you also have your bank card, electronics, adapter, toiletries, and other specific travel staples. Whether you stay in a hostel or use a homestay, this will be the beginning of an epic adventure.

There’s something to be said for a vacation away, but working and traveling can be an experience you’ll never forget! If you’re planning an epic adventure around the world, share it with us in our comments section. With so many unique destinations to choose from and so many employment options, there’s something for everyone to explore.

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