The Fifteen Best Gifts to Celebrate a New Grandma

Looking for unique and thoughtful new gifts for a first-time grandma? Read on for some unique ideas that will celebrate this special occasion!

When someone gives birth, friends and family are quick to give gifts to Mom and baby- as they should! But grandparents need some love and different ways to celebrate their new arrival as well. Here are a few favorite gifts to help grandmas celebrate this special season.

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Personalized Gifts for a New Grandma

There are plenty of ways to give the first-time grandma something meaningful as they mark this milestone. Here are some fun ideas.

Personalized Mug– You probably can’t claim “World’s Greatest Grandma” just yet. But a cute mug with “Nana” or “Gigi” on it is a cute way to help your friend embrace their new grandmother status.

Christmas Ornament- Ornaments are a fantastic gift since you can customize them in so many different ways. You could make a personalized ornament with a little photo of the new grandchild. Or you could give a Christmas ornament engraved with the birthdate.

Engraved Picture Frame- This is another lovely way to honor the grandma while enjoying a cute photo of the new baby.

Personalized Necklace or Charm Bracelet- While any grandma is sure to wind up with a plethora of macaroni necklaces over the next few years, why not gift the new grandmother a small charm engraved with the name or birthdate of their grandbaby. If engraving isn’t your thing, opt for a littlebirthstone pendant.

Keepsake Journal- Help her treasure all of the special moments from this special season of life. If she wants to keep track of them online, Mom and Grandma can set up a photo channel on FamilyApp. That way, they’ll share those sweet milestones.

Special Gifts for Grandma’s House

Favorite Children’s Book- While your new grandchild will probably enjoy a bookshelf full of “Goodnight, Moon” or other classics, a grandma also needs some new children’s books for her own library. A special book set, like a collection of Golden books or Beatrix Potter books, is ideal. And you can never have enough fresh copies of “Pat the Bunny.” 

Classic Toys– While the new grandbaby will probably have a house full of toys, there’s something special about toys at Grandma’s house. Gift your friend some favorite special toys, like Sophie the Giraffe.

Child’s Cup and Dish Set- Coming to Grandma’s house should be a special event. And there’s something so wonderful about a baby having their own special dishes when they come to eat.

Baby Bedding- In many cases, the new grandchild will have plenty of sleepovers (or at least nap-overs) at Grandma’s house. So why not help her prepare. A beautiful blanket, a monogrammed pillow, or even a pack-and-play are all lovely ways to help grandparents embrace their grandchild.

Baby Shusher Soother Sound Machine- Help the new baby and grandparents sleep peacefully with a white noise machine.

First-Aid Kit- Make sure a new grandmother’s prepared for every emergency- so give her a First Aid Kit well-stocked with a thermometer, tissues, an ice pack, child Band-aids, Aquafor, children’s Tylenol, and even individually wrapped “lifesavers.” Include a little pamphlet about certain symptoms they can look for to help their little one feel better.

Indulgent Gifts for a New Grandma

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

Flower Arrangement- Whether you cut some hydrangeas and roses from your garden or send them an arrangement from a local florist, flowers are the perfect way to celebrate becoming a grandma.

Box of Chocolates- While new grandparents are sure to spoil their grandkids, you can spoil any grandmother with a luxurious box of chocolates.

Special Soaps and Lotions- Many grandmothers change plenty of diapers. So a gift of some fancy soaps and lotions will help them keep their hands soft for baby snuggles.

Gourmet Coffee- We all need a little pick-me-up if we’re staying up through the night with a new baby! Gourmet coffee is another one of our favorite new grandma gifts that many of us can enjoy.

Grandmothers play an important time role in their grandchild’s lives, and it’s important to celebrate this special occasion. So buy them a mug with their grandchild’s photo or send a thoughtful card. Just be sure to share their joy!

What are your favorite gifts to give new grandparents? Be sure to share your best ideas with friends and family on FamilyApp!

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