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Connecting with your neighbors doesn’t require hopping the fence or planning a barbecue. A neighborhood app provides an easy way to get to know with the people right outside your door!

Moving to a new community is always a bit of a challenge, even if it’s within the same city. Social distancing and COVID-19 restrictions add another challenge, no matter how friendly and outgoing you are! Luckily, a communication app can make breaking the ice a little bit easier. Instead of bringing over brownies, you can connect with your neighbors through interests and local events! Be sure to share your own ideas for connecting locally on your favorite family app.

Why Should I Use a Neighborhood App?

If you’re looking to meet your neighbors, use a neighborhood app to help to start a conversation! It’s can be an easy tool to communicate with those closest to you and create bonds in your community. Of course, while chat and online messaging can help to make your next-door neighbor a friend, there are other tools apps offer! Many apps can provide safety information that will alert you to issues in the community. Whether you’re looking for local friends or the safety lowdown, there’s are a number of options.

What Is the Best Neighborhood App?

Everyblock – No matter what’s going on, Everyblock is the kind of neighborhood app that will keep you on top of it all! It compiles information and provides notification any time your neighborhood is mentioned so you can learn about local news and events. Share your discoveries with other neighbors on your favorite family app!

Nextdoor – The neighborhood app Nextdoor is like a bulletin board for your neighborhood to keep you informed of local events and issues. To sign up, all you need to do is supply information to ensure that you live in the area. Once you’re done, you can exchange information with others about events, recommendations, and local services you might be looking for!

ioby – If you’re looking to create a project in your area, look no further than ioby. This app will help you crowdfund locally for things like organizing a bake sale or creating a community garden. While getting your neighbors together is a bonus, you can also help to revive your area!

Neighborland – For those who are truly invested in their neighborhood and contributing positively, Neighborland is the perfect site. This communication app download connects the user with universities, foundations, and non-profits so you can make your mark. You can even keep tabs on your projects and find a few friends to help!

FamilyApp – It’s great to communicate easily with your neighbors, but it’s even better when you can do it with complete security. This neighborhood app offers end-to-end encryption with privacy as its main objective, so you don’t have to worry about your data! You can easily share local events and going’s on with other families right around you.

What Are Some Safe Neighborhood Apps?

Using neighborhood apps can be a great way to make friends in your community. However, there are also a lot of great resources to promote community safety. Twitter and Instagram often feature community pages where people use group chat and messaging to discuss neighborhood crime issues. TruthFinder is a neighborhood app for crime that will give you the low down on who your neighbors are. If you’re concerned about safety in your area, it can be a useful resource. Whatever your intent, be sure to share these finds with your friends on your favorite family app!

If you’re looking to be a positive force in your community, there’s a neighborhood app out there that can help! There are even a few apps that will keep you abreast of safety in your area. Do you have any tips for being an active member of your community? Share them with others in our comments! After all, getting involved in your neighborhood can be as easy as the click of a button!

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