Kid-Friendly Takeout: Great Meals for Families on the Go

Whole Foods Virginia Beach takeout

Kid-friendly takeout: the holy grail for overworked parents who just can’t stomach yet another night of scrubbing dishes and prepping foods. Read more about the family-friendly hot spots in Virginia Beach.

Finding Great Kid-Friendly Takeout

We gave you some great family-friendly restaurants here, but there are just too many places to fit into one post! We also wanted to add in our favorite take-out restaurants now that school has started and you’re hustling from one after-school activity to another. Sometimes a night eating food that you grabbed quickly on your way home is even better than dining out! On some nights, sports, dance lessons, or any other after-school activity often end up leaving you little to no time to make dinner. So take-out is often the best option for a family meal. Here are a few of our favorite spots in Virginia Beach for kid-friendly takeout:

Kid-Friendly Takeout from Whole Foods Virginia Beach

We love the ease of Whole Foods. It’s right up the road from us in Hilltop, so distance-wise it’s easy. This spot absolutely is a kid-friendly takeout – the kids just love it! It’s a treat. They can get whatever they want from the salad bar, hot foods, even pizza or a burger. And they get to choose from a special drink from the colorful and very inviting cooler of endless choices to quench your thirst. Whole Foods Virginia Beach opened right around the time my boys were born, so they’ve been going there from before they can remember.

As a mom, I also know that there is a great variety of healthy fruits and vegetables, all of which there’s a 99.5% chance of them eating. Usually what happens is that my middle son ends up not getting exactly what he wanted, and he’ll start eating from my dish, or my husband’s. Then, he’ll probably have to go back through for a second round.

The porch at this kid-friendly takeout has excellent seating. We’re aware of the kids being noisy there,  but we don’t feel super embarrassed if they are. The staff at the bar is always super knowledgeable about the beverages that they serve, too.

Zero’s Subs, Oceanfront Location Offers Kid-Friendly Takeout

We’ve been frequent diners at Zero’s Subs since they revamped their Oceanfront location in 2015. It is a great place for kid-friendly takeout or dining in. I know that all three of my children will happily eat a Zero’s sub. There’s comfortable seating and a great vibe if you decide to eat in, or you can order ahead for a quick and easy pick-up. This helps to deal with eliminating the wait time (especially when it’s busy), as all Zero’s subs are made to order.

The staff is always super helpful and family-friendly, with the crushed ice always a highlight of the meal. We also order french fries as a side – what’s better than a steaming plate of fries when you eat your warm and toasty sub? The big neon green chair in front is an added bonus.

Be sure to check out the east side of the building, which features an amazing wall mural by T.A.L.ENT. MURALS from Virginia Beach. It’s one of the 10 new murals part of the Vibe Creative District Mural Festival. Also – a fun recent development- is that Zero’s switched to using paper straws!

Family-Friendly: Moe’s Southwest Grill

“WELCOME TO MOE’S!” No, seriously. No matter what kind of day we’re having – once you walk in that door and hear this cheerful greeting echoing throughout Moe’s Southwest Grill, you can’t help but smile. It’s our oldest son’s favorite restaurant in town. He’d eat there every day of the week if he could!

All three of my boys will crush a Moo Moo Mr. Cow in no time. On Sundays, kids eat free. We usually go on Moe’s Monday for the $7 burritos. Not a burrito fan? Create your own masterpiece and nosh on chips as your family connects around the table. It’s definitely a kid-friendly takeout restaurant with fast, cheerful service. Kids love choosing their own ingredients. We also do Moe’s to-go all the time, especially after late nights with after-school activities. If you order online – you can walk in and pick up right at the register.

Taste – The Kid-Friendly Takeout Restaurant

Let’s be honest, Taste‘s sandwiches are delicious wherever you eat them. Since 1973, Taste has been dishing out kid-friendly takeout to happy locals and vacationers throughout the Tidewater area. We’ve eaten their sandwiches all over the place – on the beach, at various sporting events, sitting along The Hague in Norfolk, in our kitchen, and at all of the cool Taste locations all over town. Besides sitting on the cow statue at their Shore Drive location, the Oceanfront shop is our favorite.

Order ahead for easy pick-up, and they even have a dune buggy beach delivery during the summer season. We even have a bottle of their famous House Dressing on the door of our fridge. Just love their bread? Then add a “bag of bread ends” to your order, trust me – you will not be disappointed.

More Kid-Friendly Takeout Options:

  • Aloha Snacks: Feel the good vibes, and enjoy delicious little kahuna burgers and pizza rolls. If you order Monday, kids meals are free!
  • Chick-Fil-A: We love the play-place, but if you’re in a hurry, their takeout is fabulous. You can order a platter of chicken nuggets or strips through their app, head to the special parking spot, and thank the nice staff as they bring food to your car.
  • La Bella Italia: My children adore their delicious bread and pizzas, which are really conducive for take-out! Their adult entrees are very generously sized, so you can definitely share one with two or three. Or, if you’d rather cook your own dinner, you can ask for the dough and sauce and make one of their pizzas with the kids at home.
  • Pollard’s Chicken: If you’re looking for delicious fried chicken, barbecue, and honey-dipped rolls, you can’t beat this Virginia Beach establishment. Your whole family will love it!
  • Thai Arroy: From pad-Thai to dumplings to crispy shrimp, you can’t go wrong with takeout from Thai Arroy. Also be sure to try the bubble tea!
  • Zoe’s Kitchen: This Mediterranean-style fast-casual restaurant has delicious chicken strips and grilled ham-and-cheese sandwiches your kids will love.

What are your favorites? Anything we missed? Be sure to coordinate your dinner plans with your family on FamilyApp!

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