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The No Internet Game is a fun way to pass the time when the Internet goes down. Share this cute, cacti-jumping game with your friends who might be surprised it exists!

The No Internet Game on Google Chrome is one of the most fun offline games around. Instead of getting frustrated the next time the internet goes down, you may want to try this game out! You can even share it with family and friends who might be surprised to learn about it. Be sure to share the offline games you love with others on your favorite family app!

What Is the No Internet Game?

The No Internet Game is an Easter Egg offering a Jump’n’Run you can play offline on Google Chrome. Whether you’re at work or surfing the Internet at home, you’ve probably received the “Unable to Connect to Internet” message. And, if you happen to use Google Chrome, you might have seen the dinosaur that comes along with it. Most people get frustrated when they see the cute little creature and refresh their browser. But what many people don’t realize is that from here you can play the fun No Internet Game, also known as the Google Dinosaur Game! All that’s required to start if you’re looking for some offline fun is pressing the space bar. Share this game with others on FamilyApp!

no internet gameWhy Did the Google Dinosaur Game Start?

The No Internet Game on Google is a play on going back to the days before the internet. Since you’ll see the little T-Rex when you’ve lost your connection, it references pre-internet times. Also known as the Google Dinosaur Game, it was released in September 2014. It was re-written the same year as it experienced problems on certain Android devices. According to the Chrome Design Team, every month more than 270 million games are being played internationally around the world! Whether it was due to downed Internet or dino fascination, it’s become a popular pastime. The highest score that can be achieved while playing the game is 99,999. Once a player reaches that, they go back down to zero and start again.

How Do You Play the No Internet Dinosaur Game?

If your Internet is down, all you have to do is press the space bar once the message with the dinosaur pops up. The dinosaur will start running and the objective is to keep him running. In order to get him to jump over obstacles like cacti, press the up arrow. For a higher jump, keep holding onto the up arrow. The longer you play, the faster the dinosaur runs, but once you crash into a cactus the game will be over. If you want to play again, all you have to do is press the space bar! And, if you want to play this no internet game online, you can also go to chrome://dino. Be sure to share your game experience on your favorite family app!

Whether you’re watching a movie online or simply surfing the web, it’s disappointing when your network goes down. But there’s always a fun game you can play if the situation arises! The No Internet Game dino has become a bit of a cult classic when it comes to online folklore. Do you have a favorite way to pass the time? Share it with others in our comments! After all, there are still fun things to do, even when the Internet goes down.

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