Keep your baby in warm clothes for winter.

The cold season is upon us and it’s time to keep your little one warm! From fleece and sweaters to cozy mittens, follow our tips for winter baby clothing basics.

An important element of every healthy newborn is the clothing to keep them comfortable. After all, babies lose heat more rapidly than adults! That’s why it’s important to have the right baby winter clothing when cold weather rolls around. Share our tips on your favorite family app so your baby girl or baby boy can enjoy the season!

How Should I Dress My Baby in Cold Weather?

Most adults know how to dress for the weather and the season. But, when it comes to an infant it can be more difficult to know the necessary baby winter clothing.

  • Sleeping At Home – Winter is a wonderful time to keep your baby in warm, snuggly clothing. However, it’s very important that your baby doesn’t overheat as this can contribute to SIDS. Put your baby in thin layers and wrap them with a sleep sack or receiving blanket that is securely tucked. Keep in mind that if their tummy or back is sweaty, they’re probably too warm.
  • The Car – A big, puffy coat or snowsuit might seem like a necessary part of winter baby clothing. However, these kinds of coats and suits can actually cause problems when buckling up your baby safely in a car seat. They also compress in a crash and cause injury. So better choose thin long-sleeve layers instead and cover their car seat with a fleece blanket. That way, you can monitor their temperature.
  • Out and About – Since babies get cold more quickly than adults, dress them a little warmer than yourself. As a rule of thumb, midwives and pediatricians advise adding one more layer to your infant than you wear yourself. So if you’re wearing a shirt and jacket, add a sweater on your little one. You should also include mittens, a hat, and booties to keep them warm in the stroller.  
  • Winter Playtime – One of the joys of winter for any young child is playing in the snow! Fortunately, the baby winter clothing guide is much the same as it is for all kids. Invest in a water-repellent snowsuit with attached feet, as well as a hat and waterproof mittens.

Handsome young father with his son outside on a walk, holding him in baby carrier. Sunny winter nature.What’s the Best Winter Baby Clothing?

There are many baby winter clothing essentials that you should have around to keep your baby warm. If you’re wondering what the best of the best is, invest in these pieces. Be sure to share your own can’t-miss items on FamilyApp with other parents.

  • Fleece Romper – This romper will keep your baby warm and also ensure they can play in the snow as long as they please. They can wear it over their outfit or as a onesie, and it has hand and foot cuffs for easy dressing!
  • Comfy Sweater – Nothing says winter like the right sweatshirt, and this piece will be on your baby winter clothing wish list! If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort wear, try Primary’s sweatshirt, which is OEKO-Tex Standard certified and super soft.
  • Hoodie Jacket – Don’t neglect the extremities when it comes to keeping your little one warm. A jacket they can zip up and down will be great for staying warm and still letting them cool off!
  • Baby Booties – Few things are cuter than a baby’s feet, and that’s why booties are a baby winter clothing staple! Try Zutano’s baby booties, which can be easily packed and feature convenient snap closures for easy removal. Share your find on your favorite family app!
  • Mittens – We all lose most of our body heat through our heads, hands, and feet, and babies are no different. Choose a pair of mittens on a string so you can loop them through your baby’s coat and avoid losing one…or two!
  • Baby Beanie – Like the hands and feet, the head needs to be kept warm, too. A baby beanie made of cotton will protect their head as they play. If a little extra warmth is needed, you can always add a hat or hoodie! Also, make sure the infant’s hat has earmuffs to avoid wind and to prevent ear infection.

One of the delights of every child’s life is time out in the snow. But it’s easy to forget that winter playtime can be pretty cold, and it requires some special clothes! Do you have any tips for winter baby clothing to keep them healthy and comfortable? Share them with other parents in our comments! Your baby may need a lot of winter clothes, but their well-being makes it worth the effort.

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