What Is a Library of Things?

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A library can be about more than just books. Borrow from a collection near you or start your own library of things to save money and help the planet!

The library offers many benefits for communities worldwide, but did you know that there are libraries out there that aren’t just about books? In fact, a library of things can include everything from arts and crafts to home maintenance. While these places to borrow and share make life cheaper, they’re sustainable too! Tell us about your experiences with different kinds of libraries on your favorite family app.

What Is a Library of Things?

Most of us have used a library card to check out a book and return it before the due date, and a library of things collection functions in much the same way! This cool idea allows you to borrow things that you might need without having to buy them. Known as a “library of things”, you can borrow a variety of things and return them for others to use. While you might have to pay a yearly membership fee, some libraries charge per each thing you check out. Some are even free to use! All you have to do is place a hold on an item and pick it up when it becomes available.

Why Is a Library of Things Important?

In a time where issues like sustainability and environmental well-being loom large, borrowing instead of buying can be a great idea! There’s no doubt that being able to borrow some items will help the library user to save money. But, with less disposable income and more environmental waste, starting a library of things can lessen consumption! It can be a great way of meeting other likeminded community members too. Share your own ideas with others on FamilyApp!

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What Kinds of Library of Things Can You Start?

If you’re interested in some ideas, there are plenty of ways to go about it. Whatever your interest or expertise, the following are some of the most popular collections!

  • Arts and Crafts – If your family loves handicrafts or art, it can cost a pretty penny to buy stuff every time you need something. Sharing a library of things will offer everything from sewing machines and knitting kits to scrapbooking supplies. You may even be able to find a new print for your house from their collection!
  • Technology – Whether you’re looking for something old or simply dabbling in something different, many technology libraries of things may have what you want. They may offer items like digital cameras, video games, projectors, scanners, and even laptops!
  • Musical Instruments – This kind of library is perfect if you’re feeling creative. You can learn a new instrument or teach your kids the stylings of an electric guitar, bass, or even a banjo. It can be a great way to share the power of music together!
  • Gardening Supplies – Getting into the garden doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor! Instead, try a seed library of things where you can get seeds and grow your own garden. You can also get tools like rakes, lawnmowers and hand trimmers to get started!
  • Toys , Games, and Puzzles – Whether you’ve finished a Lego set and are ready to start another one, or are looking for a new family game, this system is a great way to share fun activities!
  • Sporting Equipment – Starting a new sport can cost a lot of money, especially when you’re not sure whether or not your kid will play again next season!  You could save a ton of money just checking out a helmet or knee pads this season.

Saving Time, Money, and the Planet

Especially during this season of COVID-19 and uncertainty, a library of things offers a great way to try out new things without spending any money. Whether you need gardening seeds, a ukelele, tennis racket, games, or more, you just might be able to find it in a library of things.  It can be a great way to keep things sustainable and save money!

Do you have any library of things ideas? Share them with us on FamilyApp’s Instagram or Facebook pages! Or get together with friends and neighbors to start your own on FamilyApp.

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