Marie Kondo organization socks

Magic Cleaning: Joyful Decluttering with Marie Kondo

Chances are, you’ve been seeing a more minimalist approach to home design, sparked by Japanese expert Marie Kondo. Learn more about her organizational approach seen in the new Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, based on her bestseller “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. ... Read More
Costco kirkland detergent

Top 10 Shopping Tips For Costco

Costco is so much more than just a grocery store or ordinary wholesale warehouse, but it can be a bit intimidating navigating the giant aisles. So here are a few of our Costco favorites and tips to get started. ... Read More
hurricane survival kit

12 Tips For Hurricane Survival

Are you prepared if a hurricane comes? What’s your gameplan? Here’s a handy guide for everything you need to know and how to pack the perfect hurricane survival kit plus plenty of tips for staying calm and keep your family’s spirits high. ... Read More
power outage family games sorry

Power Outage: 6 Fun Family Activities

Do you have to wait hours, days, or even weeks before the lights go back on? Here are six ways to keep you and your family entertained. So whether you want to tackle some long-forgotten chores, or fire up the charcoal grill in the backyard for a neighborhood cookout, you can make the most of this time. ... Read More

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